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50+ Dreams and Visions   By Bill Weather 
A prophecy book like no other
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While visiting family during the holidays of late 2008, I received from the Lord, a dream of WW3 coming.

In this dream, I was on a train, in the last container of the train, laying on top of it. The container was the kind that you would see with an open top, hauling coal, only in this, I was laying on top of some dirt in

Then the train started to move through a forest and I was almost whacked off the train by a tree limb when I tried to look ahead too far to see where I was going, so I had to stay low, close to the dirt. As the train left the forest, it started to go up a mountain. The mountain became steeper and steeper. I became more and more worried that the train was going to derail and I was going to get hurt.

Finally, right as the train was almost at a 90 degree angle, I jumped off the train and right after, the train toppled. Immediately after jumping off the train, I looked up in the sky and saw a crazy amount of black planes fighting each other. It was chaos in the sky. Then I saw these military missile cannons from the ground shooting white flares up into the sky, trying to hit the planes. I woke up soon after this and immediately, God gave me the interpretation.


The train is the U.S. I am in the last container of the train because we are in the very last days of the US as we know her. The dirt in the train I was laying on top of is American soil. Almost getting whacked off by the tree limbs would be me thrown off the train too soon, due to looking too far ahead and leaving the US too soon. The train going up the mountain represents the pride and rise of US hegemony as the world leader. As the train toppled, soon the US will also topple and when she does, WW3 will ensue. This was the war I was seeing on the toppled American soil.

Father Yah, help us to discern the signs of the times. Help us to a place of safety and for those appointed to go early, to all the more rejoice that whether we live or die, we belong to you and how the times to come, do not change the fact that our names are written in your book of life by faith in the blood of Jesus. We know this American empire is coming to its end and I ask that all who read this would be reminded that our lives are but a vain thing outside of your eternal purposes. Thankyou for warning us and thru warning us, to provoke us to seek you more. Help us Lord to be caught up in you and not to be worrisome, but to enjoy each passing moment as a step towards our eternal reward, to be with you in glory, Amen.

The Vain Wife
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On 1-11-11, I drempt I had married a woman I barely knew. She had beautiful red hair, but in the dream I could never clearly see her face. I tried, but she never looked into my eyes or into my face, but for one very short and small glimpse. She was all concerned about the house, furniture, moving furniture around, rugs, the kitchen. There was also too much furniture in the house and we were wondering about where to put the dining room table because several couches had been in the way.

There was an upstairs room, but no stairs leading to the upper room. I had told her I would build some stairs leading to the upper room. I had longed in this dream to touch her, to sit with her, to kiss her, to hold her hand, but never once in the dream was I able to touch her, though I longed to all throughout the dream.

In the dream, there was also an empty baby carriage coming through the front door.

This was a disturbing dream, but highly prophetic thing of the Lord speaking to me about his church. In the dream, I was as the Lord and the wife was as the body or bride of Christ.

The Lord cannot see the face of his church because she is concerned about the house and furniture, representing the care of this world. No stairs leading to the upper room represented the lack of care about seeking him first in prayer in the “upper room” because the wife in the dream, her concern was all about the furniture.

My wanting to hold my bride in the dream represented the Lord wanting to spend time with his bride, but she was too busy with the care of the house, furnishings and how things looked outwardly. There being too many furnishings in the way of the dining room table represented the priority of the church is not fellowship with the Lord at his dining table, but concern about furniture that is not needed, an over indulgence in things not needed, instead of what those things are supposed to be for, to bless the Lord and his saints.

Finally, the empty baby carriage coming through the front door of the house represents the church not having children, meaning new born believers coming to Jesus for the first time. Much of the problem to that is what is represented in the rest of the dream.

Oh Lord, forgive us of being caught up in the care of this life and not focused on spending more serious time with you in prayer in the upper room. Forgive us for over indulging in things not needed and taking up things that waiste space in the Spirit. Thank you for this dream to correct us and to remind us what is important to you, to serve one another and to love you with all our heart mind soul and strength. We must learn less is more, the ground out of which, grows a thankful heart, and how over indulgences lead to a spoiled child. Father Yah, keep convicting us to look fully into your marvelous face, so that the things of the earth would grow strangely dim, in the light of your glory and grace. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ our King, Amen

Earthquake Vision ~ October 2009
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While in California, in the bay area, I had a shocking and significant vision. This vision was very vivid. It was as if God had taken hold of my mind and brought it to another place. I had no control over it for the short time this vision had lasted.

As I was resting in my van one night, praying and meditating on the bay area I was in, I had a vision of the Oakland Bay Bridge. At the time, I was parked in a suburb of Berkeley. This Oakland Bay Bridge is the double decker bridge that was, back in the 1990's, hit by the quake that was shown all over national news, sections of it collapsed with cars and people crushed from it.

In this vision however, what I saw was the bridge was completely collapsed and all that I saw that was left from the mega quake was a pillar with mangled concrete and rebar. Both levels of the bridge were gone!

I was in shock. I had never had such a strong vision like this before, where God had taken control of my mind. Soon after, I had thought of that dream where 3 brothers in one night had the same dream of the Golden Gate Bridgestarting to collapse, buildings toppled and masses looking for shelter.

When the mega quake strikes, both the Golden Gate and the Oakland Bay Bridges will be torn up. People inside San Francisco will be trapped inside the city which will lay in ruins from the mega quake. Let us pray that they remember this prophetic word, wake up to the tsunami warning sign when it comes and realize, they do not have much time to get out of there before the mega quake hits.

Draft of a Prophetic Calling
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On 10/15/11, I drempt I was driving west from Philadelphia. I suddenly ran into a mountain that had patches of snow on it. I felt I had reached a destination, but without a home.

Then I was at a house in Philly, down the street from where I used to live and inside that house was a family I knew and was friends with. The next door neighbor's kid had wondered over to the house, a little blonde haired girl about the age of 3 and was throwing pebbles or small sticks at the window to get the attention of a friend she had inside the house. The Mother of the child I once knew, came over to get her child to take her back home. I knew this woman to once be a very beautiful blonde haired lady, but then, saw in her face, as she grabbed her little girl, deep wrinkles, as though she had greatly aged.

Then the door opened and out came all the children and people from the house I was at. I was having an important conversation with some of the adults in the small circle I was with. I looked on the porch and sitting cross legged was the center of attention, someone in the family. I thought, why are they the center of attention, as though the person was posing with wisdom and everyone went to him for counseling, almost hindu guru like in pose, though not really idolized, but kinda like a pastor getting a bit too much credit or attention.

Then the dream switched and I was at a dept store looking for shoes. I briefly looked around the store myself. I had to wait for some time to get a shoe salesman to help me find the right shoes, the location of where to find them in the store. I told him I had to look for a pair that was durable and waterproof, a sneaker but was durable like a shoe. So he proceeded with me around the store. The first shoes he showed me were some heavy duty sandal type shoes. I told him they would not work. We kept looking and came upon an enclosed display of shoes, which looked to me like it had the pair I needed in there. The shoe salesman said he would have to ask the owners of this display to get it opened and tried to call upstairs to get to someone who would open the display, but no one answered. Then we continued around the store. The salesman showed me another set of durable sandals. No shoe he showed me was what I asked for and needed for the job.

Then I was in a new part of the mall where there was detailed artsy paintings on the concrete, floors, walls, steps and railings. I was messing up the art work as I was walking and stumbling around trying to avoid the fresh paint. I remember stepping on some wet paint of some big jumbo shades that had been painted on some steps and muddying up the painting of the shades.

Then the dream switched and I was at a draft for athletes. In this draft were huge crowds, other athletes and former players drafted. In this draft I was expected to go late first round to early second round. I was a defensive back, a DB. I said to myself in the dream, I have to get my chops up (meaning cuts and leg strength). As I was in the crowds of people waiting for the draft picks to begin, I saw Deon Sanders (Deon Sanders, famous hall of fame DB, who is also a Christian). I told Deon I was expected to go in the later 1st round to early 2nd round. He nodded reconfirming, that is when I would go in the draft. Then right before the draft began the crowd scattered and I then, knew no one around me, as I had previously.

Then I was around some preppy collage kids who I thought were a bit wet behind the ears and prissy, with their neat college jackets, ties and preppy hair cuts. As the draft started to begin, I became seated between some of these preppy kids. As we sat in the pew a shoe came off my foot and I noticed I was wearing a red slipper type shoe. I then put it back on my foot. The preppy kid seated to my right was much bigger than I, who was 5th in the row. I was 4th in the row, but then became 3rd in the row, as we slid down the row in the seat or pew as they were, and then the dream ended.

I awoke out of the dream like a space cadet and then God began to bring to my memory every detail he showed me in the dream and began to give me its interpretation.


Initially, all I could first remember was the later part of the dream, my being drafted. That is my calling. The position I was playing was Defensive Back, as my ministry is apologetic and prophetically protective in nature, defensive. I asked what team would draft me. I was told the Dallas Mavericks, but that is a basketball team. It was the best professional team to describe my calling, that I would have to be a Maverick and ignore the masses of Christendom who are asleep over the prophecies for the US, which are the focus of my calling.

In the dream, Deon Sanders was there to be a witness and a confirming authority of my position and when I would be drafted. When I said to myself I needed to get my chops up, it meant I had to even more prepare for this ministry. I am dealing with correcting deep deceptions on a "pro level", that has lead the church astray in prophecy.

Here is what else I see in the dream. Driving west from Philadelphia, where I'm from, and running into the mountain, is the word of this calling, from Philly (the genesis of this ministry) to the west, where the tsunami , then mega quake will hit. The mountains in the dream were definitely Rocky Mountains and not the Appalachians, a reminder that I have some mountains to overcome, to the Pacific, to get to the home of this calling.

The 2nd paragraph, with the little girl and her Mom, has to do with this young, 3 year old prophetic watchman ministry, with the 3 year old little girl trying to get the attention of friends, but the Mother, the church, taking the little girl away. This speaks of censorship and unbelief by the church, to the prophecies concerning the US. The woman I once knew as beautiful is the church, but has now become very old with deep aging. The Lord is disappointed with a part of his church in the US. She appears beautiful at first sight, but in the dream, I saw her deep wrinkles only up close, when she grabbed her little girl. She censors and limits buried truths of God's word to succumb to an old reformation that was never completed and false prophecy doctrine that is fixated. She is not open and flexible to the newly revealed prophecies and prophetic revelations given direct from Heaven. Though she makes claims to the new wine, she has become dull and old in her senses.

The 3rd paragraph of the guru like ora on the brother getting much attention, has to do with the church giving attention where it is of little use at this prophetic stage of the church and it's modern day immaturity of focusing on men in ministry, instead of the Lord, the word and the purpose.

At the shoe store, I am trying to get shoes for the calling, equipping. Waiting some time for the salesman is some of the waiting it out to be equipped, but also that it was not yet time to go. Timing in this calling is key because people have very short memories when told what's to come. Looking for a shoe that was specifically water proof and tough like a shoe, is a design for being protected from the tsunami and mega quake coming to crush many toes. In the dream I saw work boots, as like a construction worker's, protective of the feet. The lasting and durable like a good shoe is preparation to last through these trials and to be ready and prepared for what's to come. The shoe had to be a sneaker speaks of both running with this word and also, quickness, to escape the tsunami and mega quake to come. Quickness also because these prophecies are coming to pass quickly.

The salesman showing me sandal shoes are the pastors of today's churches. They are far too laxidazicle about this prophetic word, like the nature of a sandal instead of a shoe, though heavy duty and enduring like the sandal the salesman was showing me, is not water proof and protective of the feet. Coming upon the shoe display that was enclosed and needing a key to open was my coming upon the shoes I thought I had needed, but the salesman, the Pastors, when calling upstairs for someone to open the display, there was no answer yet, from Heaven. It was not yet time, a reminder to me that some waiting it out for this calling is needed.

Being in the new, freshly painted part of the mall, was my calling I was messing up in my attempt to be equipped. I was taking steps too early. Stepping on the jumbo shades and messing up that painting on the steps, were the steps I had been trying to take in being equipped, loosing money in the stock market, trying other ways to have money for the ministry without waiting until the draft. The shades are the eyes of my calling and the steps I was taking was muddying my view. I had to wait, to let it all dry before taking those steps.

At the draft, when scattered in the crowd getting to their seats, and then alone, speaks of the nature of my calling. I would have to be alone in this calling, as was prophesied over me years ago from prophets, thus, drafted as a Maverick.

The prissy, preppy kids are representive of today's american church, kids in the Spirit who think they should be taken high in the draft, but are too socialized and concerning of their reputations. They are not willing to take up the cross, become uncomfortable by the modern American life style they live, very conformist and without risk. The kid much bigger than I sitting next to me in the draft speaks of a greater thing that's going to happen , as though this calling and draft is going to birth something much bigger.

My being 4th in the row and then 3rd in the row is the timing of when I'm gonna be drafted (yet to see what this is).

The slippers I was wearing are representive of my being ill equipped for the purpose. The red color of the slippers is the bearish nature of this calling and the color red, used as a warning. It coming off my foot, represented my fears and doubts of the calling, as I experienced late in 2010. In the dream, it was not off my foot too long however.

What I see is that soon, I'm going to be equipped to evangelize this word on another level. With many many signs, I've been lead along to prepare for this, as well as my many mistakes thru the missteps of fresh paint, of trying to become equipped to do this.

Remembering every fine detail of this 6 part, God given dream is a witness and sign. I never am able to remember the finer details of dreams and also with clear interpretation (for the most part), so this is definitely from God and a faith booster for me!

With this incredibly detailed 6 part, God given dream, I look forward to the harvest to come from this purpose and mission, which I believe will be that much bigger kid in the draft sitting next to me. Something big is about to be birthed!

In Christ, Weather,

Running The Race
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On 10-17-11, I very vividly, drempt I was running in a race. I had previously fallen behind, as though I had stopped or been side tracked, but was back in and running. In the race, I began to pass people I previously was ahead of.

As I was running I was hitting my stride and with each stride, my strength began to get stronger and I began to run faster and as I kept running, I eventually got to the point to where my breathing became really easy and was not out of breath at all, even though I was running faster with each stride. I remember in part of the race, soon after passing up another brother running, missing my stride a few times, as I became a bit uncoordinated in my running, but then got my stride back.

It was a race through a city street, with people and cars to dodge. There was a girl I was racing and seemed to be equal in speed with, as we ran together in speedy competition. As we ran, she took a sudden turn. Soon after, I had taken a wrong turn and wound up in an industrial type area behind a building and was then climbing over small roofs, only to hit a bigger building I thought I could cut through.

I ran into what was like an obstacle course of pipes. They looked like steam and plumbing pipes. I wound up hanging from some pipes and thinking I could swing around those pipes and get into a window of the building and back into the race. As I was swinging on the pipes, I felt even stronger, like effortlessly swinging on the pipes to try to get to some windows. Then someone opened a door and I humbly asked to be let in so I could speak to an officer and explain I was not a thief of some sort, but was in a race, but took a wrong turn. There were several people who came out of the door. The door keeper was happy to let me in without question and then the dream ended.

The race is our God given calling in life. Falling behind previously is my being side tracked with other things from the will of God for me.

The people and cars that I had to dodge speaks of life and it's attempt to road block and derail one from the race. The other people not running in the race, were the ones who wander through life without purpose. The cars represent other purposes in the earth, but are not of God.

As I was running, my stride would get stronger. This speaks of when you are in your life calling, you will get stronger as you stay the course and run it. Your breathing will become much easier in the race as you run in God's purposes for your life.

In the middle of my running I became awkward in my stride and was slowed up a bit. In the dream, this happened right after I had passed up another brother in the race and felt some satisfaction that I was beating him in it. This slowed me up. We should never think like that, but run with purpose, not so, to out do another.

I regained my stride and became stronger with each stride. It felt really good in the dream, like when I awoke out of the dream and the hour after, I felt I had such wholeness. This speaks of when we are in the center of God's will and calling on our life, we will hit such a strong and wholesome point, that we feel incredibly purposeful doing his will.

The girl I was racing and running with was the woman of his prophetic word. For a time I was running with her, the word, but then when she took a sharp turn, I missed the course of that word and wound up taking the wrong turn. God teaching me by this, the sharp turn I didn't take with his word back on April 29th & 30th of 2010, when he showed me he was delaying the west coast quakanamis from what he earlier showed me, as I was running with his word, but later misinterpreting.

My thinking I could cut through the building by hoping the roofs to get inside and then down into the race again was my not correcting myself to go back where I had made the wrong turn. I felt so strong in the race and was in such a rush to run, that it had caused me to become blinded. It was a lack of patience in running. I had been so consumed with running, that I had not looked ahead to see fully where I was going. The passion had overtaken me and caused me to run where I should not have.

Hopping the smaller roofs, only to run into a bigger building, speaks of smaller to bigger problems and delays when one is derailed from the path of the race. The assumption that I could get into the building some how without first knowing for sure was a big risk taken. As one becomes derailed from the route, the risks in life can become more costly when not corrected, in an attempt to get back into the path of the race. This is what happened to me back in September of 2010, paying a huge cost in not correcting myself from what God had showed me April 29th & 30th 2010 on the sharp turn delay of his prophetic word that I missed and was misinterpreting.

The great strength I felt swinging from the pipes to get close to the building windows to get inside and back into the route of the race with his word, was God giving further power and grace to return to the route of the destiny of his plans. So long as the self correcting honesty factor of getting back into the race is there, God's power will be even greater, in order to return us to the route of the race.

The feeling in the dream was one of embarrassment and my thoughts were concerning over if people thought I was trying to take a short cut and cheat in the race or that I was a common thief trying by an illegal means of getting into the building. Thus, when the door opened and people came out, I very sheepishly was explaining myself to the door keeper that I was in a race. The door keeper gladly let me in without a complaint or suspicion.

I had immediately requested that I see an officer to explain my self.
This speaks of repentance and sorrow for becoming side tracked from the race. The desire to be transparent speaks of the purity of one's heart. This can get you back into the race quickly.

The door keeper is the Lord and anyone who is honest in heart, will be let in without question or suspicion. His desire is that we run with the word and missing sharp turns or making mistakes will happen. The desire to return to run with his word will always be met with a wide open door of encouragement and joy from Heaven.

Many saints get derailed in life. The honest and pure at heart will always get back on course because they are yielded. Pray that you run the race and do not get derailed from the route the Lord is first proving to you. Never operate out of presumption and always watch and pray to discern sharp turns that may come. Be flexible all throughout the race and not just part of the race. Sometimes, things change the course of the prophetic rhema word and mission, like delayed events or circumstances that arise. Missionaries in war zones face changes like this at times, when what started out good and fruitful began to be under threat.

Do you know your calling in life? Do you have a mission field or are you just wandering through life? Pray the Holy Spirit makes you aware of the path you are on and what the specific purpose is, so you can run without doubt and with great purpose. Once you know these things, run strong good pilgrim. See you at the finish line!

In Christ, Weather ~

(note: The logos is the written word (the Bible). The rhema is the word given by the Holy Spirit for a particular calling or situation. The rhema is sometimes prophetic. More often, the rhema is God at times, just bringing to our mind the logos or moving us, to apply the word to a particular situation to teach us. This is often in the form of the manifestation of the word of wisdom.

The Football Dream
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4 days ago I had the 6 part dream of my prophetic watchman calling and in part 6 of the dream I was being drafted as a Defensive Back in the NFL. This seems to be a follow up dream from that.

I drempt I was in a football game. In this game I was playing quarterback. I threw the ball long to hit a receiver, but my throw was off. On the next play, I tried a shorter pass over the middle and threw the ball behind the receiver a bit. In the dream I was replaced as the quarterback because I was not good at the position.

It seemed to be the next drive and we were then playing defense. On a play, I had intercepted the ball as I was playing the defensive back position. In this dream I was a a terrible quarterback, but was an excellent defensive back, as was indicated in my high draft pick as a defensive back in the previous 6 part dream.

Then the dream switched and I was heading to a classroom with 4 other teammates. On the way to the class room I was saying we should get back onto the field and play, but they only wanted to go to the classroom. They had no desire to play, but to just go to class. I came to the point of frustration when we entered the classroom, trying to convince them to go back out onto the field with me and that's when the dream ended.


Soon after the dream ended I awoke and asked what this dream meant and the Holy Spirit began to speak. The Lord showed me the game is about spreading the word. The field is the world. The positions are different parts in the body of Christ. The quarterback position is the pastor. The receivers are the congregation. The running backs and offensive line are closer to the pastor. They are the elders, deacons and other leaders.

I asked, but Lord, "How can I be a defensive back when were supposed to be on the same team?" The Lord spoke, "Not when they are speaking contrary to my word." That is when I intercepted the ball in the dream. I am in that position to put in check what is being said and there is much contrary to what the Lord is saying in prophecy and doctrine out there, that some of the players are not on the Lord's team, but are deceived in playing out a word and teaching from the enemy.

The Lord showed me, I make a lousy pastor, as I was off target in throwing the ball, but I make an excellent defensive back, teaching and defending the truth of his word. Not every pastor is a teacher. They teach, but are not accurate in some things, but are well received. Watchmen are not prophets, but can at times, be prophetic, but are not well received. A watchman can get things prophetic from the Lord, but that does not make him a prophet. I can be off in my throws, but on in my doctrine. Quarterbacks, running backs, receivers and others on offense do not like those on defense. This is why I and the teachings are not well received in the body of Christ. Watchmen and prophets put them in check, something the modern day body of Christ has always been less than hearty about.

In the later part of the dream, with the classmates, just wanting to go to class and not be on the field playing, this speaks of the majority of Christians who want to just be church goers in the classroom of pew warming and listening to teachings and sermons they've already heard 100 times before. Many churches have become ingrown spiritual entertainment centers. The real work is out on the field, in the world, with evangelism, missions, feeding the poor and serving the people. The desire of the classmates to just go to church and sit through the classroom speeches is the fault of the quarterbacks who continue the entertainment cycle. We've had enough sermons! It's time to do the work! It's time for the over disciplining and the lack of equipping to end.

I pray we all are thoroughly equipped to give the work of God through us, one last massive push because the door is not always going to be open to give the soul saving word. The door of grace is open for just a short time longer. Let us press on with the work at hand. The time is short! The time is urgent! The time is now!
In Christ, Weather

The Female & The Jewels
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Early this morning I drempt a dream that I was on a bus going west with others. I had a friend with me, a female. As we approached Oklahoma there were huge tornadoes ahead of us. I saw around 3 or 4 twisters and one headed strait towards the bus we were on. The bus driver tried to speed up to avoid one of the twisters, but the twister got the best of us and over turned the bus. However, in the dream no one got hurt. The bus driver said the bus was built for times like this with extra padding that would come out if needed and that is what happened. Everyone on the bus was safe and without injury.

As we got off the overturned bus, I and the female friend began to back pack it, but then I suddenly went to look for my van for a few minutes, weaving thru a city street only to come back (without the van) to my female friend and find she was in conversation with a couple other guys. I became jealous of them because I started to fall for this female friend. She was also wearing jewels and one of the guys asked her to take off a jewel she had to get a better look at it. She took it off and let him handle it. With the jewel, was weaved a green colored, stringy fabric holding it, made as a kind of loosely woven design. As the guy was holding the jewel, he said "Oh, this looks to be of a french design." The female friend looked at him strange in disagreement, then the dream ended.

I awoke not knowing the interpretation to this dream and then God began to speak to me about part of the interpretation, with the other part coming about an hour later as I was worshiping on my guitar and then soon after worship in his presence, typing it out here and now.


The bus is carrying the ministry of the prophtic word. The word is built like the bus, readying for the time of trouble to come, with extra padding and protection to those who would believe it and are aboard. The word of God is going west, to the west coast. The bus encountering the tornadoes speaks of the troubles to come upon the US west soon. The bus only making it to Oklahoma speaks of the word only getting half way across the country, only doing half the job. That speaks of this ministry. I am mining for the jewels (planting the word), but some else needs to come along and refine the jewels (discipleship and care for them, harvesting).

I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase (I Cor 3:6).

The jewels are the precious people who will be awakened by this word. The woman carrying the jewels is the ministry of this word. The woman taking off the jewels to allow the other guys to look at them are the other Christians and Pastors needed to take the precious ones mined and handle them in discipleship, in love and for the appreciation of them.

My jealousy for the woman is God correcting me and reminding me to not get too attached to the woman (the ministry), because the woman is just there to bring forth the jewels, the precious souls of those who will be saved by this word going west. The Lord is reminding me that it is not about the ministry (the woman), but the people (the jewels) that his word is going to help.

My looking for my van when we soon got off the bus was my wanting to shelter the woman and I from back packing it. My van represents shelter on the road in my travels of this ministry. My not being able to find my van speaks of my inability to provide shelter for the woman (the ministry) wearing the precious jewels (the newly awakened souls), when the time of trouble comes. That's where the church is so desperately needed to help these precious ones awakening to Jesus.

The green, stringy, loosely woven design holding the jewels, speaks of how these awakened precious ones are new, as a green tender shoot, the color of the string. The string loosely woven is not strong as would be a tight design, thus the need for the body of Christ to better attach the jewels, through community and discipleship.

As the guy (Pastor) in the dream was handling the precious jewel (the newly awakened), he thought it was of a french design with the woman disagreeing. This is a reminder to the pastors and leaders that they are not in tune with the woman (the ministry of his prophetic word) and they will have to change their view when the woman (the ministry of this word) corrects them, which at that time, will be obvious when the tsunami and mega quake strikes the west coast and millions of new American refugees from it, are trying to get east and are looking for our help.

This speaks of the woman back packing it when off the bus from it turned over from the tornado, representing the troubles to come. In the dream, the woman didn't even care for the van and actually wanted to back pack it. She is desirous and destined for the many refugee campers who will be back packing it and needing our help. Who would count the cost to support the woman in this low place?

God thru this dream, is trying to get me to realize the need even more than I had previously and the need for the body of Christ also to awaken themselves in preparing to receive these precious jewels, the west coast people who will be needing our help when the troubles strike, the tsunami and mega quake coming to ruin that part of the country.

Oh body of Christ, when will you awaken? When will you study these prophecies, so you know what is to come and can respond to the word of God coming, in it's appointed season? Are you so fixed in your religion and programs that you think you can now see so perfectly as through the glass? When will you humble yourselves and confess, you do not know my word for the day and see how naked and blind you are of what is to come?

Make yourselves ready! Prepare for the harvest coming through these trying times! You are so needed! What are your lives, but a vapor that appears for a small time and then vanishes away! Get focused! Prepare the bread that does not perish and the food that fills forever! The precious ones are coming your way. What will you prepare to hold this harvest?

Oh Lord, make us ready, in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen

11-6-11 ~ The Rail Bus dream
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I drempt I was at a friend's ministry land called Nomad's Land and a friend who lives there, owned a bus that was on railroad tracks. The bus was stationed near what we know as the Cob House. I was on the bus and I accidentally hit something that made it go forward. During the whole ride on this rail bus, it seemed as though the entire ride was on railroad tracks that were under construction. As the bus on the railroad tracks was moving, I kept seeing concrete walls right ahead, and several times, I thought the bus would crash into the walls, but it kept on moving ahead.

Finally the bus came to some concrete without tracks. That's the time, I figured out how to stop the bus. The railroad tracks had ended and the bus and I, ended up on a mountainous plateaued ocean coastline. I got out of the bus and saw ahead along the coastline plateau, a house about 400 feet away. I observed that it was made of rock, almost like it was camouflaged into the land. Then I saw a normal country home behind me, with a family from there coming towards me.

Then I proceeded to take the gas out of the bus to see how much of it was left, thinking whether I had enough to turn around the bus and return it to Nomads Land. I had meditated on how I was gonna turn the bus around due to having no railroad tracks. At the same time, the gas I had taken out had become grandualar some, and turned orange in color, like it had become bad gas. At the time, the family there came up to me and was inquiring of my situation. I was explaining the gas situation to the Father of the family and then the dream ended.


This message is for both me, Nomad's ministry, as well as anyone else with ears to hear, to warn us of what is ahead, that the tracks are going to run out soon. The tracks are a prophetic time line, as the future, by its nature, is under construction, yet to see. The tracks of time are running out and the plans we have are going to be cut short due to God wrapping things up here on earth with the troubles to come, after which, will lead into the resurrection and the millennial reign.

The concrete walls I kept seeing where warnings of the end as we know it, to come. I could only figure out how to stop the bus when the tracks had ended. This speaks of fear and wishful thinking, of only seeing our hopes and plans for this life, but ending when that time comes. Some people will only see it when the tracks end, but we could however, figure it out ahead of time if we would take head of the warnings to come (the concrete walls). Those who do take heed, can avoid a concrete wall type, emotional crash of their hopes by planning to make the change when the warnings begin.

The bus ending at the ocean plateau, is representive of time running out, as the railroad tracks need land to continue on.

The house ahead of me, made of rock and camouflaged into the land represents the Lord hiding us in the time of trouble. He is the rock and he will camouflage and protect us if we will move ahead and occupy.

The normal country home I saw behind me was representive of the past. Right after looking at that house is when I began to remove the gas of the bus. My taking the gas out to see how much was left, is representive of trying to get back to where I was. The gas is representive of our plans, dreams and hopes in this life, but the gas had turned bad. The fuel of the hope of the plans for this life that we expect to come in steady time, will do little good for the rocky time to come and we will not make it back to where we once were. The gas will have turned bad and the time as we know it, will have run out.

Once the signs of trouble start, we are going to have to adjust to what is to come and realize, we are in a whole new world of plans and hopes, when the troubles begin. At that time, everyone will have to make a decision, do we stay and play with the bad gas and try to go back, or do we move forward to the house made of rock, that being, the Lord and his protection.

Adjusting to what's to come is going to be difficult. Like a train without tracks, we will not get far hanging onto dreams and hopes that will be running out of a world of time, as we know it. We can presently keep building, as we should, but let us also be aware of the signs of what's to come, so we might make the adjustments needed and re-direct our resources to do what is necessary in preparation for these hard times to come. Let us make ourselves flexible in the Holy Spirit and what he is warning us of. We all need to have the plan B thought out and ready to be implemented for when these signs of trouble begin. God bless our readiness!

Yours In Christ, Weather
P.S. Be prepared! KNOW the signs!

The Russian Spies
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On 11-16-11, I drempt that I was at an airport/mall. I was with 2 Russian spies who were chatting with me and made me swear an oath of secrecy, or they would catch up with me and kill me. They said it politely without actually saying it, but I got what they were saying. One of the spies looked French and had a thin black mustache.

As we walked through the airport they were telling me they know everything about the US and their secrets. They told me I could learn more from them, than from our very own CIA. Then one of the spies had a stack of news papers. He was showing me the news before it happened, though not any specific events. My thoughts were, yes, much of the media is controlled and some big media events are planned. I know this already. The news papers were from Russia. They were Russian newspapers, but were typed in English showing me what was to come and the progression of the Chinese becoming more and more, our enemy and on the side of Russia. The newspapers were in order, from the most recent future news on top to the far future news in the back of the stack. Then I looked at a newspaper from near the back of the pile and in the upper front page showed a map of Russia and China joined in world war 3 against the US.

Then the Russian spies and I proceeded to exit the airport, but one of the spies broke off to go elsewhere. Once outside the baggage claims and walking through the airport outer terminal, I went back inside thinking I had forgotten something. As I walked back through the airport, there was the other Russian spy at a restaurant table with other comrades. They were looking over an American engineer's blue print layout of our country's entire electrical grid. I could see the lines of the blue print, like it was telling how everything was connected. The American engineer at the table with them was totally oblivious to the Russian spy's identity. The engineer thought he was just giving them a lesson in engineering. I remember the Russian spies had spoke perfect English without any accent, but in private with me, I could hear their accent be known. I stopped at the table to see what was going on only for a minute, then proceeded to where I was going.

Then the dream switched and I began to proceed back through the airport. Seeing a couple of the spies ahead of me from that engineer's table, on the stairs of an escalator, I was picking up several counterfeit dollars, there on the steps of the escalator, that the Russian spies had dropped. The Russian spies ahead of me saw me picking up their counterfeit dollars and got pretty emotional. One of the spies was an attractive blonde haired woman and she and another came to me to get the counterfeit bills, a couple of which looked very fake, but the later ones I picked up looked very real. All I could think of at the time was money trail. They didn't want to leave a money trail.

Proceeding through the outer airport terminal, the terminal was starting to close down. As I was walking through the outer terminal I heard a bum singing some blues along the lines that he didn't care what time it was and didn't care that the terminal was shutting down. Then I began to see lights at the terminal turning off one by one and I proceeded to catch a train out of the area and heading towards Philadelphia with an uneasy feeling of lostness, like I didn't really know where I was going.


Alot of this dream is obvious. The Russians know the US as well as our engineers. They have our entire electrical grid blue print and know in detail, every bit of it. By their newspapers they were showing me, they already have World War 3 fully planned and China has been advancing into the hands of the Russian plans, like their newspapers were foretelling.

My finding counterfeit dollars on the escalator going down from the Russian spies ahead of me, speaks of the advancing economic process of Russia replacing USD hegemony, when the post ww3 economy comes. In the dream, the dollars I had picked up were in an evolutionary process, from first picking up the very fake looking dollars to then picking up the very real looking dollars. The process of replacing the US is almost complete. Russia is now the #1 oil producer in the world and will, in the post ww3 economy, want to trade all oil in their own currency, instead of presently being forced on the exchanges, to trade oil in US dollars only.

The terminal starting to close down is the US. The lights going off in succession at the airport is the light to this nation beginning to shut off. The bum singing the blues of not caring is the typical American with their head in the sand over what is to come. They are lazy and uncaring as a bum when it comes to what God is revealing. They are not investigating the word of the prophets and watchmen. My taking a train back to my home town of Philadelphia is representative of the past. Americans are basing their mind set on the security of the past and the uneasy feeling of lostness and not knowing where I was going is the true state of America. She is lost and does not know where she is going.

This is the sad spiritual state of America. Because she has become callous of the things above, her light is beginning to be shut off. Soon, we are going to see huge events unfold that are going to begin to shut portions of the US down. One by one, her lights are going to shut off in succession, like the airport in this dream. She will only then, know her true state and cry out for mercy, but the past will be lost. She will not be returning to her once great past and her lost state will only then be obvious, when she begins to shut down to prepare the way for the world war three Russian plans of conquest.

God is going to allow all of this to take place to prepare the way for the coming of Messiah, Jesus Christ. It is impossible for the book of Revelation to come to pass, unless the policeman of the world, the US, is taken down. Americans and American Christians do not want to see this. They are in a state of denial and continue on with little to no prayer and plans of how they are going to cope with what's to come. Their preachers continue to point the church in the wrong prophecy direction, solely focused on Israel when their own house is going to burn. God help us to wake up!

In Christ, Weather,

Two Women Two Warnings
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On 11-22-11, I vividly drempt I was at a church I used to attend. In the dream I was weaving through some of the congregation who were in a fellowship hall/kitchen type area right after service but before everyone was to eat.

As I weaved through the crowd of saints, I came to the sanctuary and in the sanctuary was one woman who was worshiping, like she had remained to worship after everyone had left for lunch time fellowship. Suddenly, down from the ceiling came a brilliant beam of light that enveloped her. This light was so powerful, that it made this woman glow and I knew in the dream this light had alot of power as well. It had so enveloped her that even her clothes were glowing. The light had a golden colored brilliance to it. The light came down in such a rush that it created a frenzy type of atmosphere. Then the woman came running into the foyer, where there was a first woman who had previously been enveloped with this same powerful light. Both women were glowing with this same powerful light, only, the 2nd woman I saw in the dream was given a much greater and more powerful light. Both women in the dream had flakes all over their hair as they were glowing in this powerful light. I remember the first woman rejoicing and embracing the second woman because she was given such power and light and both were rejoicing together over the Lord consuming them with this light.


The 2 women in the dream are the 2 warnings of this ministry WORD to the west coast. The date of this dream, given 11-22-11 adds up to 44. This represents the two 22s, a prophetic time clock given me for these two warnings (see Lil Book of Prophecy at the web site on the grand significance of the many # 22 signs), and the 2 women representing these 2- 22 prophtic clocks God has given me. The number 22 is like the number 7, completeness, like in 22 Hebrew letters in their alphabet, 22 chapters to the book of Revelation...

The 2nd woman, shadowing the 2nd warning is going to be very powerful. The woman is the prophetic word and God is going to light up this warning of his word. The first woman had a lesser light. This was the first word of warning of this ministry to the west coast and the word was not as bright, due to only having part of the prophetic word that was to be given to the west coast, of the mega quake coming, but not yet knowing of the warning tsunami to come before the mega quake, until later.

The flakes in the hair of both women are representive of what people will think of this ministry and the prophetic word, that the ministry of this word will appear flaky, crazy and irrational, but the things of God are sometimes like that.

We have thousands of years of true prophets to prove it, who were even persecuted for the word because they appeared to be crazy, like with flakes in their hair and sometimes in a frenzied state, as did the two women in this dream, and as did John the Baptist appear to men of the natural, living in the wilderness and eating locusts and wild honey.

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings, thou has perfected praise (Matt 21:16 )
But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty (I Cor 1:27).
God even chose to speak thru the mouth of a donkey (Num 22:28).

God has in several dreams, called this ministry of his prophetic word a woman and I look forward to more of what he might reveal of this woman in the days ahead.

In Christ, Weather,

PS - the funny thing is, at the very end of editing the record of this dream, the clock read 4:44 am

The Track Of Dedication
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On 11-25-11, I Very vividly drempt I was in a race running. At the starting line of the race I was telling another it's a sprint and the race would be easy. I had high expectations of winning it. At the starting line, I could remember clenching my fists, and holding them up, as though I were in a fight, as well as a starting stance.

Right before the whistle blew, I could remember I was in a bad starting position, and had a big disadvantage from where others were lined up because up ahead, the track had a bend in it going right, but I was lined up to the left more than the others.

When the whistle blew, off we were, running the race. There were about 10 or 12 of us running in this race, male and female alike. At the start of the race, I couldn't find my stride. It was as though I was stalled on the whole first part of the race. I also remember stumbling near the first part of the race. Then the track had a split, as in a split in the road. In this dream, both splits lead to the finish line. The split on the right was a track that took us up above the others. The track on the left was where the majority of the runners went. It was only I and another girl who took the higher road to the right. Soon after the split, I caught my stride in the race and that is when I began to literally tear it up. I was running so fast and powerfully that pieces of the road began to come up. There was a girl who took the high road with me. As I passed her up, I saw she was a paraplegic runner with one good leg with the other lower leg made of one of those manufactured bent metal leg attachments. She also was tearing up pieces of the road as she was running.

During the race, the entire time, I was really disappointed in myself because I had huge expectations of winning the race. When I passed the paraplegic girl I said to myself no wonder I passed her up, she's running with a bum leg, while having feelings of great disappointment as I continued to run, as though I was making up for lost time.

The split in the road made us go slightly up hill some, while in the distance I saw later that the low road would have been quicker. I remember the decision to take the high road was made on my part because it was not as crowded. As the road had a sharp turn in it, there was a final flight of stairs to climb before the finish line. I climbed those without loosing a stride. As soon as I reached the top, there was a quick slide down to the finish line. At the end of the finish line, I was pulled in by the judge of the race at the end of the slide. As soon as I finished, I saw a man at the finish line who was in a stretcher. He had been injured, or paralyzed.


At first, I didn't want to record this dream because I woke up out of this dream angry, that I wasn't first to finish, like I was still there in the dream, but as I began to meditate on it, the Lord began to give me interpretation and bring to my memory, the different details of the dream.

From both the low and high road chosen, the race we run is our life in Christ and dedication to him. It is also a fight, the good fight, as my stance at the start of the race with my fists clenched in a boxing stance indicated. The big disadvantage in position I had at the start of the race was representive of all those who had a disadvantage and bad start in life. My start in life was a rough one, indicated by the early part of the race not catching my stride. The stumbling during the first part of the race is how it is for many of us in life, until we hit our stride. It is also a reminder of the proverb, A righteous man will fall 7 times, yet pick himself back up (Proverbs 24:16). We always should be reminded that God called a man who fell 7 times, righteous, because he picked himself back up. He has the built in conviction and humility to correct himself, when fallen or stumbled. He's had to often learn to say I'm sorry, pick himself back up and keep running in the Spirit.

The split in the road is a decision everyone in Christ has to make. Do we take the more popular low road, which seemingly, can get us to the finish line quicker or do we take the high road, less traveled? As soon as my feet had hit the high road is when I gained my stride and it was like I had become a super fast runner suddenly. This is the power of God behind all of those in Christ who decide take the high road. It will not be popular, like with the majority of those who took the low road, but is the road of power and grace for those who take it. The low road had not this power. So much power is on the high road, that those who take it, in God's eyes, will be tearing it up in the race.

Taking the high road, I had a greater view of the entire race and could see the others on the low road, but they did not have this view. A greater view into the things of the Spirit, the things of God are for those who take the high road. Taking the high road will have some resistance to it because it is a slightly uphill run, but without that, we could not get to the greater view. Actually, it was not because the high road had too much of an uphill incline, but because of the greater downhill incline to the low road. This speaks of many people who think the high road is too hard, but that is a misconception. Their focus on how easy and quick the low road is, has distorted their view and they cannot see the advantages of taking the high road, which required a decision of faith at the split. The only reason I didn't win the race was because of my bad start in life. Had I had a good starting position and caught my stride early, I would have smoked the competition, even from the high road taken and won the race easily, due to the power of God hitting my legs when I had hit the high road. This throws so many people's evaluations off in life because they had the good start and ran downhill on the low road. In this race, it was not how you started that was as important, but how you finished and what road you ran.

Reaching the sharp turn and the final flight of stairs going up, speaks of near the end of this life. Death is a hard thing to face, but in order to finish, for everyone on the high road, this final flight of stairs is there as a test. In the race, I climbed it with no problem because of the power of God in my legs and then the slide down is where the Lord, the judge of the race, pulls us in at the end.

In this dream, both the low road and high road had met at the finish line, so this dream is not for unbelievers, but for Christians only. As in a marathon, all who run and finish are considered winners and inheritors of eternal life. However, many Christians are taking the low road in the Spirit. We will all meet at the finish line, but the Lord will greet those at the end who have taken the high road. He will not give much attention to those who've taken the low road in the Spirit, so winning the race in this dream, was not really winning it by finishing first because those who took the low road did not even have the attention of the judge, though they finished before me. I saw people finishing from the low road, but the eyes of the judge were not even on them. He payed them little attention and his back was turned to them. He had a stop watch and as each one crossed the finish line from the low road, he would click his stop watch without so much as turning his head to see who had finished, but he knew the exact time they would cross the finish line.

In this dream, the Lord (the judge) was not paying any attention to those who finished from the low road. His full attention was on pulling in those on the slide at the finish from taking the high road and his heart and attention was also on the paralyzed man in the stretcher I was seeing at the end of the race. I remember as soon as the Lord caught me and pulled me in at the end of the race, his attention went immediately to the injured man on the stretcher. By this, we must see, not to be so focused on our running the race of life that we loose sight of what is really on the heart of Jesus, those who are sick, paralyzed, handicapped and wounded both spiritually and physically. Serve them and your heart is where the Lord's is!
The sister I was seeing with the paraplegic leg, running on the high road, is a great humbling to all of us. That someone who is partially crippled would run the high road and be handicapped at the same time is amazing! That is an encouragement, honor and a reminder from the Lord, to all those who are running wounded or with pain and yet, have chosen the high road of greater dedication. They will be getting an amazing eternal reward, greater than all of those who took the low road!

Take these prophetic words seriously to heart because this is God's rhema word coming to us through these dreams. We need to be believing and receive, so we won't be cut off from receiving more.

Take head how you hear. For whosoever has, to him shall be given more and whosoever has not, from him shall be taken even that which he seems to have (Luke 8:18)

In Christ, Weather,

The Money Pumped Woman
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On 12-5-11, I vividly drempt I had just bought a box truck and two young women had come by to observe it. Then suddenly one of the girls was attacked by an array of bullets from a couple of 1920's looking gangsters. They then opened the girl up, pulled her blouse open and she turned out to be a manikin. She was made of wood. Her chest was carved out as a rectangular shaped hollow and there was nothing there but wood and bullet holes from the gangsters. These gangsters then laughed and told me this woman can't be killed. Then they proceeded to put more bullets in her. I observed as the bullets went into her, but she was not dead from them. Then one of the gangsters mockingly told me they were going to put 2 million dollars into the woman, as in an investment because they controlled her and she did as they pleased. That is when my 7:30 am alarm went off and woke me up.


My just buying a box truck is metaphorical for the warning of God's word I am doing equipping me with a box truck of provision, more than what I've been given.

The two girls are the two camps of prophecy out in the world, the popular misdirecting false prophecy of the tele evangelists and the true word of prophecy. God has more than once, through these recent dreams, called the ministry of his word, a woman, and God continuing in this way, to reveal how he is seeing things. The woman being shot up is the false word of prophecy. She is fake and made of wood and she will burn when everything begins to be revealed.

The gangsters are metaphorical of the millions of dollars that are going into those ministries with the false word of prophecy. The false word of prophecy through the tele evangelists will be revealed soon enough, when the woman of their word is ripped open and their word begins to be revealed for what it is, empty, hollow, made of wood and will burn when America burns.

The millions of dollars behind their media empire is what is pumping the woman of the false word. The true woman of the word is vital for preparing the body of Christ for the hard times ahead. It is sad that Christiandom has fell into the drunken state of positivism, so much so, that if the true word stood them in the face miraculously, they would not be able to recognize the truth of her beauty and the vital reason why the true word needs to be exalted. It is sad that much of Christiandom follows these teachings, which have no signs, wonders, miracles, healing, dreams and visions backing them, as the real woman of the word of prophecy does. These God backing power testimonies of the word of prophecy can be found at for anyone's own due diligence.

It is my prayer that the church awakens to what is to befall the US and prepares to persevere in faith. When one can know specific events of the future, even in great tribulation, they can even more, rise up in faith because they will see God's word come to pass before their very eyes and then have greater wisdom, hope and faith to help get them through the hard times or to die in victory and joy because they see the word and seeing, they all the more can rejoice, whether in death or in escape from what is soon to befall the US, or however, as my space cadet charismatic and evangelical friends will think, be shocked, horrified and dismayed as to why the US will be going thru layers of greater trouble because they have ignored this word of prophecy, as did the Israelites in the classic case of Jeremiah 38, when the people of God ignored the true word of prophecy. Souls riding the fence, their faith hangs in the balance. The false word will kill them. The true word can save them when they see it come to pass. Fess up, the word of prophecy is extremely important to the saving of those souls who hang in the balance.
Be careful not to make light of what God is revealing! Love the woman of his word!

In Christ, Weather,

The Tidal Wave Dream
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On 12-08-11, I drempt I was at a friends ministry land. It seemed to be in the rural mountains of a western state.

When I arrived, there were a bunch of young people there already. I was amazed at the potential of the place, but it needed alot of work. I remember seeing a stage, a barn, a gathering place. The property had several buildings.

Then the dream switched and I was inside a barn on the property. There was a young baby horse who was recently born that I had handled, and there was also a dog trying to get out of the section of the barn we had locked down to keep him and other animals in there.

I was fumbling around with a shim I was trying to use, to keep the gate of that section closed so the animals wouldn't get out, but there was this young dog challenging me with trying to get out of that section of the barn. Then someone else came by to help properly secure that section of the barn, as I was fumbling with the shim trying to secure the gate with the dog challenging me to escape.

Then the dream switched and I was back at the gathering place on the property and as we looked out the big window west there was a tidal wave coming. It was dreadful and it was coming in as high as the place we were at. The place we were at was up high on top of a hill, so we knew everyone in the valley below was going to get flooded. Then the tidal wave hit, but there were some buildings on a hill ahead of us that blocked that part of the wave from hitting us, so the wave by passed us, but flooded everywhere else. The lower part of the property where some of our people's car's were parked, we thought, would be washed away from the tidal wave.

It was not a tsunami, but a tidal wave, like one wave that was tall, but not long. After the tidal wave, which seemed to be a couple hundred feet high, came through, I then found myself down below in the town saying that there would be alot of work from the wreckage it had caused in the town, like there was an opportunity to prosper with having work for the ministry.

I was reluctant to type this dream out because it didn't make sense, a tidal wave hitting where there was no ocean close by, but here I am typing it out anyways because I know that God sometimes gives interpretation later.


This dream is about the troubles to come and preparing ministry for what is to come.

The property I was on had alot of potential, meaning ministry during the hard times to come is going to be with huge potential, but the property needed alot of work. This means the body of Christ is unprepared for what is coming. There will however, be alot of young people ready to do the ministry, signified by the people who were already at the property. Yet, in the dream, they were idle and my thoughts were of why they were idle when what I saw when I arrived was an amazing potential. As soon as I saw the property, I had a vision for it, but the idle young Christian people there seemed to not have this outlook, based on their idle posture during the time I was there. They had no prophetic foresight to see the trouble that was soon to come and how the land could be used to serve the people coming.

The barn sheltering and securing the animals on the property signifies discipleship and the harvest of souls that will be needing sheltering and securing during this time of trouble to come. My handling of the baby horse that was just born is signifying the brand new ministry of the prophetic word for what's to come and the harvest of souls from it.

The dog signifies the later part of when I was in the barn, that the harvest is going to be out of control for what's to come. We are going to have trouble keeping the animals in the barn, if you know what I mean. Great calamity has a way of waking people up!

My fumbling with the shim to keep the gate secured in the barn and then another brother coming to help me secure the gate is metaphorical of needing some more people to help in the ministry and the harvest that is coming from this prophetic word. The dog was challenging me with securing the gate, meaning we're gonna loose some souls if we don't get some help in securing the place for their protection, shelter and discipleship.

The tidal wave coming is representive of the troubles soon to come upon the US. The buildings on a hill out ahead of us is the Lord's protection for those who are on that property in the high place. The ministry property was on high ground, signifying of the saints who are planted on the higher ground with Jesus. The lower part of the property with some of their cars being washed away signifies that there will be some loss when the troubles hit. Anything parked on the low ground and not the high ground of the Lord will be swept away when the troubles hit.

After the tidal wave had hit, when I was down in the town, saying there would be alot of work from the tidal wave damage, was signifying the spiritual work that was at hand. I was seeing foundations of houses that were flooded in the dream. This means the foundations of people's lives, that they had build, were not built on the high ground of Jesus Christ and there was alot of work to do on the houses of people's lives in the low place. The purpose of the ministry land was to bring them to the higher ground of Jesus Christ and secure them there.

This dream was some what reluctantly typed out because I am so tsunami conscious of what is coming upon the west coast, but this dream had a tidal wave inland and was not a tsunami. I take this to mean that because of the location of the ministry property being in the mountains inland, that God is wanting to prepare his people for all that is coming upon the nation and not just for the quakanamis that are coming to hit the west coast. The ministry property seemed to be in Colorado, way more inland than California and the tidal wave hitting far inland was what initially threw me off and made me reluctant to record this dream, but I took the leap of faith and God gave the interpretation, so here we are, unprepared for what is to come, but willing and able for when it does come. We will suffer loss in the low place, but there will be provision on the high ground if we by faith, will go there before the troubles strikes ad start preparing.

Now God, with this dream, has put the ball in our court. Will we believe his word through these dreams and visions and start to prepare, or will we play it cool to keep ministry the way it's always gone, on this present smooth plain of the pleasant rolling hills?

Recognize the Holy Spirit is trying, but he has a church that is idle in unbelief with what is to come. Here's a shout out to the body of Christ. Help! Jesus needs your help in securing the barn! We need you to prepare a place on the high ground. It is going to take faith to prepare, to believe the word of trouble that is coming and to put your money where your heart is by being obedient to what the Lord is showing us.

Will you believe the many signs and wonders (at backing this prophetic word, or will you be as those in the wilderness, doubting in unbelief on the low ground? Will you stand with us to prepare for the troubles to come and thru that, to secure the massive harvest to come? I have my part to do. I have my assignment. What's yours?

In Christ, Weather,

The Prophetic Resistance
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On 12-14-11, I drempt I was seeing a prophetic time line of events being laid out like a railroad track of long video screens. I was awaking in and out of this dream with each piece of time line that was being shown. Each time I fell asleep, a piece of this dream time line would come and connect to the previous piece I had drempt, before partially awakening out of the dream. Every time a section came to me while dreaming, I would resist it, like I didn't want to see it or dream it. It was as though I was wrestling with each time line piece that was being laid before me. Each time I was shown a piece, I would awaken out of the dream, only to go back to sleep and dream of the next piece of time line coming. This awaking and falling back to sleep with each piece, happened about 5 or 6 times, till I finally was fully awake.

Near the end of this experience, the dream seemed to become a vision, like an intermingling of dreaming and getting visions of these time line pieces, as I went from full sleep dreaming to half sleep dreaming to getting half awake visions, to full awakening to what I had just experienced.

At one point, while dreaming, my arm began to fall asleep with tingling while getting a time line piece, as though my arm falling asleep was part of my resistance with blood flow restriction. I then flipped over to sleep on my other side and continued to get these dream/visions of prophetic time line pieces. Each time line piece was trouble and tribulation written on the screens of the pieces. None of them were pleasant to receive. This was the reason for my resistance to each one and my desire was to go back to sleep and forget what I had just saw.


This dream experience is about the struggle of spiritually awakening to see the great troubles that are coming to our country. We inherently, do not want to see the bad times ahead. This is the resistance to the troubled prophetic time line I was experiencing ; the resistance of not wanting to see the troubles ahead. With each trouble that strikes our nation, people will resist the full picture of what is to come, that the American empire is going to crash and burn (Rev 18). They will want to spiritually fall back to sleep, only to have another major calamity in the prophetic time line awaken them once again. It will take 5 or 6 calamities to hit the nation until some people to go from full sleep mode to half sleep, to half awake to fully awakened.

My arm falling asleep is the life blood flow to this nation becoming restricted when the economy is further struck. It will turn over this nation and some people, like I did, will want to fall back asleep, but they will continue to be awakened by the major calamities that are coming. Each calamity will bring more and more people to become fully awakened till they see, it is only Jesus Christ and his promise of eternal life that is the true security. It is only Jesus Christ and his coming millennial reign that will bring peace, end war and solve all the problems of the earth.

So give the Almighty a big ShoutaluYah! He is going to awaken alot of people through this prophetic word. Do not resist it. Do not fall back asleep. Become fully aware and prepare! Be compelled to be fully awakened and see the great work ahead! You are needed! Few are fully awakened because they want to fall back asleep to what is coming. This includes the majority of the church. They love their sleep. God is going to awaken his church to what's ahead. It won't take all 5 or 6 calamities to get her to fully awaken, but it may take 2 or 3 huge troubles to come to fully awaken her and when she is fully awakened, it is my hope she will then overcome her fear and make the big sound decisions needed to minister to the massive harvest of awakened souls that are coming into the hope of the resurrection.

QWAKEUP! oh you sleepers and let Christ shine upon you!

Father, I pray you would awaken your people and prepare them for what is to come. Shake them out of their slumber Lord! Shake them with signs and wonder to prove your word to them! Compel them to believe your word already given with backing signs and wonders. Let not their misdirection and misinterpretations hold them back from humbling themselves and getting on track to the truth of what's ahead. Prepare them for the massive harvest to come before and during the trying times to hit. Let supernatural provisions lie ahead to equip us to meet the needs both physically and spiritually. Let us be wise in managing what is yours for the benefit of your people. Prepare us to endure! Our life styles are going to drastically change! Help us to simplify and endure! Empower us to overcome, to make it through the fire! Let the glory of your Son and the power of your Spirit be manifest in us by the trying times having no effect upon our faith, but rather burning for you even hotter than the fires to come!
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and King, Amen!

In Christ, Weather,

School of the Church
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On 12-24-11, I drempt I was a teacher assigned to a school. Upon entering the school, I was with a couple of other newly assigned teachers. We all went up to the 4th floor of this school to look for our classrooms, but I took a different way up through the stairs, not by elevator. Going up the stairs there was a door around the second or third floor I tried to open to get in, but it was locked. I then made it up to the 4th floor and was met by a hallway full of kids and classrooms. I met one of the teachers there who told me she and her students get down hard on their knees and pray fervently. The students were 3rd and 4th graders we were assigned to.

I and the other new teachers proceeded down the hall. One of the teachers had a slip of their classroom location and other pertinent information. I had no slip and no information of where my class was located. I was growing a bit impatient over this as we continued down the hall.

As we proceeded down the hall, past other classrooms, at the end of the hall, was a big gathering place, an auditorium. There in the auditorium were students gathered to listen to a school band and playing in the school band on the mic was a head teacher who began to sing. It was one of those slow depressing secular love songs from the 70's. I thought to myself, "gimme the guitar and mic, I will show him how to do it," but my thoughts were still mainly on where my classroom was and that I wanted to get organized because the school was chaotic some and disorganized. Then the dream ended.


The school represents the church. My getting up to the classes a different way, by the stairs, is my unorthodoxed way of being raised in Christ by the Holy Spirit, not by the seminaries, as in an elevator. My attempt at opening a door on the 2nd or 3rd floor were my attempts to be teaching, but the church had those doors on lock down. The church does not recognize the work of the Holy Spirit in ones life, like she does of those with the theological papers of the seminaries. At times the Lord raises up men who have paid a greater price by climbing the stairs of life than those who've been raised by man in the seminaries and by church affiliations.

Being met by one of the teachers edifying me of her and her students getting hard on their knees and praying was letting me know what kind of school this was. She also, used of God to edify me where I lack, in a greater level of fervent prayer. The students we were assigned to were 3rd and 4th graders. I detected that there was too many 3rd and 4th graders in the school. The majority of the church is full of 3rd and 4th graders in the Spirit, yet to be matured into the mission field, thus the need for more teachers to help grow them up.

My having no information of where my class was and other information needed was a problem. The school (the church) had not done its job in providing the teachers their classroom and other info needed. The Lord has become weary of the church's lack of equipping the saints. Though it claims to be organized, a school, and equips the saints, it does not as it should.

Proceeding down to the end of the hall, where one of the head teachers was on a mic in the auditorium singing an old 70s love song, is representive of today's pastors who gather students for entertainment and "encouragement" and for their own desire of having the mic, but do not want to get organized to mature the 3rd and 4th graders in the Spirit by assigning other teachers to take the reigns and mature the young ones. The disorganization and chaos was due to not assigning the teachers to their classrooms to gather up the students to mature them. In the dream, it was as though the head teacher on the mic did not care. He just wanted to sing his tune. The song being an old 70s love song was the condition of many of today's pastors over these schools (the churches). They are still doing church the old way with an old love song, while the kids are not discipled in the classrooms and they are not taking care of the other teachers, to equip them to teach.

The church will continue to be full of unmaturing 3rd and 4th graders in the Spirit until the head teachers put down their entertainment and agenda, and allow the new teachers whom God has assigned to the school, to be given a classroom where they can teach and mature the church.

Lord I pray, you would change your church! I pray you would grow your church up to become the school of the Holy Spirit it was meant to be. I pray you would open the eyes of the gate keepers to see it's not about them and the song they want to sing. I pray you would recalibrate them to employ the teachers who have been waiting for work. I pray they would remember the purpose of the school, to disciple and mature the students to become equipped to do the work of an evangelist. Lord, your church does not evangelize like it once did. It has become an entertainment center and has missed the passion of the purpose. Time is running out Lord! Help us to redeem the time! Help us to be about the work of moving your word! Deliver us from our chaos and lack of discipline. Set our eyes on the high calling in Christ to change and re-arrange the school, to better meet the needs of your people to be equipped for the massive harvest to come from the troubles that are coming to awaken many. Make us ready oh God, for we are not yet where we should be!

In Christ, Weather,

Restructuring the church - Due to this dream given by the Lord, here are some suggestions at various levels of change, the church can implement.

First and foremost, the church should have an emergency fund set up for the great troubles ahead, to meet the basic needs of their members for when the economy goes down. A once a month offering should be taken up for this "emergency fund." This should be especially implemented for the churches of the Pacific, due to their need to relocate for when the quakanamis come and then WW3 (see the Church Plan video at

Secondly, the church should not be so emphasized on the big head pastor sermon every Sunday morning. At times, try breaking the church up into various classrooms and equipping the teachers to teach during the main gathering times. This will better provoke the church to grow up instead of hiding among the faces in a crowd. Classes should be the emphasis, not sermonizing, because it is classes that equip on a more grounded and targeted level and allows more teachers to teach, instead of building a monopoly, where just one man, the head pastor gets to share the word. A mini sermon of 15 minutes, to get everyone on the same page, would suffice. As it is today, the body of Christ is not a body when the teachers do not get to teach. It would be like a body with a big head but too small of a neck to hold it up. Various classes could be on evolution vs creation, effective communications of the gospel, overseas missions, online evangelism, Christianity 101, Leading Worship, Discipling Children, Apologetics, High School and University Outreach, etc. Allow the teachers to teach! The community of believers should not be focused on the head pastor and the sermon spectacular. Members still go home unprovoked to do evangelism, with no target mission and without the stirring and knowledge needed to reach the precious. They still leave with the 4th grader, in the Spirit, mentality. Five year members of your churches still have no target mission and are not even sowing seed much. The proof is in the pudding! The fruit of your sermonizing has not reproduced in them, evangelism and other ministry as it ought. The Lord wants to work through each and every member, but he can't do that with a church who is not set up to train and equip them to do so.

Thirdly, the Lord would like to see his church have 24 hour prayer and worship once a week, incorporated within the Saturday or Sunday main weekly gathering, with fellowship and lunch together as a community tribe, instead of everyone breaking up and going to the expensive restaurants to eat or home alone. This will provoke greater fellowship and bonding, which is so lacking due to being so surrounded by a corporate world of shallow commercialism. A good time to start this once a week 24 hours with the Lord would be on the weekend when most people have off from work. If your church is big, you should be able to muster enough worshipers to do this. If not, you may start out by doing this once a month. There are too many musicians and worship leaders in the church who are unemployed with little opportunity to use their talent for the Lord. Having the 24 hour prayer and worship time, allows them that opportunity with say, 2 or 3 hour time slots provided. This will also empower your church in a much greater way. The Lord will be pleased and pour down greater power and wonders among you.

Any challenges to these changes can be overcome when the will to do his will is there. It's a matter of honesty and getting serious about growing up in Jesus, or you could succumb to allowing everyone to continue in their 3rd and 4th grader status in the Spirit.
Merry Christmas church! The Lord is calling you out! The Lord wants to implement these changes. What will you do with this dream and word of edification from the Lord to challenge your church?

Court Room Blood Shed
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On 02-04-12, I drempt I was in a court room and in the back of the court room, a fight broke out between two men who looked very alike. There was blood flying and out of that I saw a woman who was bloodied from the fight, but suddenly, all the blood had become jewels. The woman was then clothed with jewels all over her, even her forehead and hair were covered with the jewels. In the court room, she then gave birth to a baby. That's when the dream ended.


The court room is the judgment to come. It is the place where God is in control and is allowing what is to come happen. The fight that broke out between the two men who looked alike, is a revolution coming to the US, then WW3, which will bring persecution upon the woman, the church. The blood becoming jewels will be the saints, who are the jewels, being put to the test and to the fire, in the blood shed of the persecution to come. She, the woman, giving birth to the baby, will be new believers coming to Jesus through the persecution to come.

Lord, help us to endure the trials to come and to remain faithful, enduring what is about to befall our nation. Help us to prepare to make it through the fiery trials to come. Prepare us to see, it is not about prosperity and blessing, but perseverance and faithfulness. Prepare us to give birth to that holy child by being your voice, a living testimony and remaining faithful in your enduring love.
In Jesus mighty name, Amen

We should remember, that all this took place in God's court room. He could have stopped it with the snap of his fingers, but did not. We must remember, this life is but a test. Realize, it's not about what we can get out of this life. It's not about blessing and prosperity, but about being faithful and enduring for the everlasting reward.

To really get the whole of this, please read the Holy Spirit article YouAre Not Worthy, linked here

The Max Word or Cancer
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On 2-12-12, I drempt I was inside a friend's house without him knowing it. I was fearful in the dream that I would be caught inside his house, though with no ill intent, did I have in the dream. My friend's name was Daniel, an old friend from Oregon.

The same scene in the dream's beginning played twice. In the first scene he saw me in the hallway of his house and I feared and from this fear, I told him that God was going to bless his house and he was going to have a child. He was happy on that news.

Then the same scene played out, but this time, when he came to me, he looked terrible, and 3 things I noticed most, one of his eyes was very shrunken and very sick looking, he lost all his weight and he lost almost all his hair from the cancer he was dying of. The chemo he went through did nothing for him. I asked him a question and he said "Yes, the answer to all your questions is yes" like he didn't want to hear any more questions about his cancer. Then he layed on the floor, face down, like he didn't want to hear anything I had to say. I then told him I have something that would help him get better. I said "Its called MAX. Have you heard of Max Dan?" He said yes, but then he wobbled on his stomach a bit like he didn't want to hear it because he didn't believe anything could cure his cancer, yet intermingled were thoughts of it's possibility.

Then the dream totally switched and in this dream, a friend's daughter named, Jaden, came to me in the dream and asked me what year it was. I told her it was 77. She then put a palm full of quarters in my hand, like I had won the bet of knowing what year it was all going to start falling apart and that's when the dream ended.


As soon as I awoke, God started giving me interpretation to this. My friend's name is Daniel. Daniel in Hebrew is comprised of two words, Dan - judge and EL-God. The judgment of God is coming to the US and to the church.

Being inside the house of Daniel, the judgment of God, the first scene, being fearful and giving him a good word of blessing to come on this friends house is the word of false prophets and wishful thinking pastors. Because of fear, they are not telling the people all of the word of God to come upon the US. They are preaching a message of blessing and not warning of the judgment and destruction of the empire to come. As my old friend Daniel responded, he was happy to hear that word of blessing. So too, are the people of the churches pleased to get a word of blessing, but it's a false word. It's not the word for the day, by the Spirit. It is judgment that is coming, not prosperity and blessing.

In the second scene, the sick and dying Daniel is representive of the judgment that is coming upon a part of the house. That part of the church is going to loose part of it's sight, all it's weight and hair because of the pastors and gatekeepers keeping the MAX, full world of prophecy, from the people. My friend Daniel in the natural is a pretty heavy guy and loosing all that weight represents the church loosing all her esteem with the people, from when the judgment falls and the people begin to see through the uniform prosperity bless me gospel. His deformed eye is the condition of the spiritual eyes of the church of today. Loosing almost all his hair, the church will be loosing her glory and covering when the judgments begin because they did not prepare and believe the word of the Lord through the true prophets and watchmen.

When I offered him MAX, this is a dietary supplement I take that the Lord was using to convey the message that the church needs the MAXIMUM word for the day that can save that part of her from the troubles to come. He let's his rain fall on the good and the bad. The Maximum prophetic word needs to be preached on all that is coming upon the US and if the church will begin to take the MAX, and preach the full word of prophecy that is coming upon the US, she will not loose her, eyes, weight and hair, but will be blessed and bare a child who will be the many new believers coming to Jesus through the ALL, the MAX of the prophetic word that needs to be shared of what is going to happen to the US.

My friend Daniel's response of the cure of MAX to his cancer, he laying down on the hallway floor and on his stomach with his face down is the church's response to this word. In the dream I told Daniel, "I'm offering you the MAX for free." Thoughts in the dream were in the air between us that the chemo didn't help, so maybe he would try it, but with those thoughts also came a sense of shame for not believing the MAX prophetic word, but intermingled still with unbelief.

These are the thoughts of today's church over the maximum prophetic word concerning the destruction of the empire that is coming. That part of the church will not even consider to give the prophetic word, backed by miracles signs and wonders that she claims to believe God gives at times, but does not believe when it comes to the eschatology of the destruction of America. That part of the church will only consider the giving of the MAX word when she is stripped of her esteem, glory and reputation. Much of her will continue in her selective hearing till the destructions begin.

The third scene of the dream, a friend's daughter named Jaden, coming to me to ask what year it was is representive of the start of the judgments or the judgment that leads to destruction of the empire, the year 77, that being that I knew the year it would be and 77 being the number of completion or fullness, from where we get to sever, or a cutting off. She handing me the palm full of change was a bet she had if I knew the correct year, she, handing me the change when I had the correct answer, 77, the severing.

I had to research the meaning of the name Jaden, which I was surprised to find, also means judge. It is from the Hebrew Jadon (Neh 3:7) or Ja-DAN. Couple this with DAN-iel also meaning judge, we see God is soon bringing judgment and is going to sever peace from the US soon to bring repentance and testing and to prepare the way for the coming of Messiah.

Lord, I pray for that part of the church that would simply believe when they start to see the signs to WW3 come to pass. I pray you would draw the church into your word. Lord, open their eyes to see, there is not much time left. I pray for those in the church who have swallowed the uniform prosperity gospel and have not readied their minds for what's to come, that you would draw them to be awakened and ready, because of the weakness of our flesh. I pray your people would be ready with the word so when unbelievers and those weak in faith would see it come to pass, overcoming faith would burn in them your powerful light, giving light to others who are also in darkness. Lord, I pray for the pastors who think they are protecting the flock by denying them this word. Show them how they are not preparing their people with the prophetic word. The shock and awe of this empire falling is going to hurt the faith of some because they built by their own understanding and not according to what you are revealing to prepare us for the great shaking that is coming. Lord I ask you send mercy tremors and waves, so to awaken those who can be awakened, to get them to a place of safety. Lord, return the true glory of your church with repentance, of her rejecting the MAX of your word to prepare us for what's to come and to save those who are weak in faith.
In Jesus mighty name, amen!

P.S. During this dream, the Lord surrounded me with Daniels.
1.There was the Daniel friend in the dream.
2. Another friend named Daniel is a friend who signed me onto the MAX (supplement) used in the dream.
3. Right before sleep, hours before this dream, I ministered to only one person in need, a new believer named Daniel.
4. Right after awakening, in the AM, the first person I had acquaintance with , his name was also Daniel.
This is when I said, Hmmm, more Daniels, I'm catching on to this Lord
5. The guy parked behind me, his name was Daniel.
6. Jaden (Ja-Dan) in the dream, also meaning judge
This all took place at our Jesus camp, at the Ocala Rainbow Gathering. That's 5 different Daniels , right before, during, in and after this dream. God's judgment is coming on the US and it is coming very soon!

The Mother Thief
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Before reading this dream, I wish everyone to couple this dream with the other dream The Roost of Great Tribulation, because we can sometimes become imbalanced in our view of what God is saying and this is the reason he gave me The Roost of Great Tribulation dream the day after this dream, to give a more full, balanced view of what he is saying in these dreams, that while the church is being as a thief concerning the word, she is also as a mother hen, caring deeply for her baby chicks.

On 2-13-12 I drempt I was in my childhood home in Philadelphia, but was living there as an adult. My Mother was there as well. I had just come home from work and I knew she was in the upstairs bedroom, where I keep my laptop. I had suspicion of her wanting to take off with my laptop. When I proceeded upstairs, I first went into the bathroom and closed the door. As I was in the bathroom, I knew she had snuck out of the bedroom with my laptop, down the steps and out of the house, while I was still in the bathroom. As soon as I was finished in the bathroom I ran out of there and down the steps looking for her. She was no where in the house and I knew she took off to get to a bus stop and escape my search for her and my laptop.


My Mom in this dream is the church. My mom in the natural years ago, once knew the Lord, but the word of faith was in a sudden way, stolen from her heart by the demons. In the same sense, the prophetic word is being stolen from the people of God. My laptop in this dream represents the prophetic word of this ministry. It is where I store much of my communications of this ministry of Yah's word. She, the mother, the church, is hiding the word. She has taken off with the word (the laptop) as a thief and is not allowing the people to have it.

Lord, I pray you would forgive the pastors of relying on their own understanding, to think they are protecting the flock by denying them this hard word, but is needful for preparing your people for what is to come. Lord, give them the understanding that if they continue denying the prophetic word in unbelief, they are going to pay the price, as of a thief and be in shame in that day, when they could have warned of the danger ahead with discretion, wisdom and understanding, giving the people the equipping to prepare them for what is to come, and not just for spiritual needs.

Lord, as with my Mom and how the demons stole the word of faith from her heart, I pray it would not be the same for your church of this word to come. I pray you would prepare your people with deep seeded faith that no trial or trouble would uproot them. Lord I pray you would prepare them with the prophetic word that can make their roots go deep, so no wind, wave or shaking would uproot them from you. Lord, grant the pastors, building with their own over protection and agenda, to repent and give the children what they need, so they might endure and not be shocked when the word of destruction for this land comes to pass. Make the trials to come but a small tremor as they stand as mighty rocks in the midst of great shaking because they have your word that has prepared them. In Jesus mighty name, Amen

Now see the other dream The Roost of Great Tribulation, for the balance.

The Roost of Great Tribulation
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On 02-14-12, I drempt of 2 sets of mother hens who were in great need. The first of the mother hens I saw, had a nest of hay to roost her chicks in, but she was desperate because there were so many new baby chicks with her and there was a lack of room in her roost. Also with her were bigger, growing chicks and I could see in the eyes of one of these chicks a desperation for food, so much so , that in the dream I thought if I had held my palm out to the chicks, they would have plucked the flesh off my hand. In the dream, there was little to no grain to feed them with and there was great trouble , as in restlessness, in the eyes of the mother hen and in the eyes of some of her chicks.

The second mother hen and her chicks didn't even have any hay to roost in. I saw her looking at me for want of some hay. I looked around the property I was on and saw the hay supply was gone and there was but little trace amounts of hay sticking out of the bins of supply I went to, but were empty. I could tell the thoughts of the mother hen that she wanted a place to keep her chicks together, as though there was a fear of them becoming scattered, due to no hay to roost them in.


These two sets of mother hens in great need represent the church in the tribulation to come. The first set, with a place to roost, is going to be the church during the time of trouble to come, when the economy is collapsed from the repercussions of the massive destructions to come. Churches, which are the roost, are going to be busting with a lack of room from the many people turning to the Lord during the time of trouble. As the mother hen was desperate to meet the needs of her baby chicks, so to will be the desperation of the pastors of these churches and ministries because they would not believe the prophetic word of the Lord of the death and destruction that is coming to the land. They would not believe, so to store up grain and prepare. The weakness of our flesh will cause a desperation that has not been seen in the US, since the days of the great depression. The chick that was ready to even pluck the flesh off my hand represents those weak in the flesh and during that time of great crisis, will be tempted to sin, to turn from the Lord and become angry, that they would take advantage of the body of Christ, to do harm to the hand, in desperation because they were not prepared with this prophetic word.

The second mother and her chicks represent the church of California. When the tsunami, then mega quake strikes the land, many pastors will not even have a place, a roost to gather the church. They will be left homeless from the destruction and the lack of hay, being the lack of resource to build a roost, a gathering place, will be hard on the flock and the temptation will be to scatter. Some chicks will be lost and food for the vultures. The economy will have a severe crash from the destructions to come and these churches of California will close down, struggle and be very tried.

Lord, I pray you would prepare your people, according to their faith, as much as possible for what is to come. Lord, the times are going to be desperate. Show your church that these are the days not of expansion and investment, but a time to storing up and preparing. Show those who think themselves so spiritual, the weakness of their flesh, so to prepare. Lord, through these dreams, you are showing us our need, but Lord, your church is in unbelief because they think they need not the word of the prophets and watchmen. They ignore your prophets and watchmen! Lord, rebuke your church in kindness to show them, thay must yield to this word, or they will not be ready for what is to come. If the shepherds do not yield, I then pray you bring stronger warnings, so their actions will begin to prepare the rest of the flock, for discipline is your love and stronger discipline is your greater concern.
Lord, awaken your church in California. They are so unready, that they will become scattered and without a way to roost. Lord awaken them to have contingency plans to escape. Help them to see the warning tsunami is your sign to them to evacuate! Lord prepare them a roost by invading their plans and programs. Shake the pastors. Show them you will require of them this word, to prepare the house to move or they will suffer in great need when there is no hay left and the grain is gone.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen,

Healing Tongues of Fire
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On 4-24-12, I had a great dream this AM. I was on a platform with Jesus. I announced to a crowd of about 100 people, "You are now healed, in the name of Jesus." Immediately I saw about 15 or 20 angels like lightning, scattered throughout the crowd healing various people. The angels in the crowd were laying their hands on some people and entering into some of them as well.

I then woke up and had tongues of fire for about a minute after wards! WOW! God backing this dream up with tongues of fire in my sleep to tongues of fire after awakening out of this awesome dream.

Will God use me mightily in healing in the future? It seems he is stirring me to pursue this by giving me this dream.

Father Yah, let your work in me come forth. Let you power to heal flow thru my life to help those who need it. Be glorified in all you do thru me. Let the people give you praise for what you are doing and let nothing of the flesh or focus on self be even in view. It is all about you, for I am but flesh and blood, but at your service. Lord this life means nothing if we are not building on the things eternal, We live in vain, unless you live life thru us, so Lord, let your power flow thru us, that men may know you are the Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, the resurrection and the life, the king who is coming to change the entire world! Thank you Lord Jesus for making us a part of your Kingdom to come! Amen

Kick Off Return
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On 5/24/12, I drempt I was on a football field as an undrafted free agent. I saw players on the field before the game who were not ready, but were high minded, as though they were too good to take heed of being prepared.

Suddenly, the game started and those players were caught off guard. I quickly put on jersey #37 and there was a kick off that went out of bounds, but I picked up the ball and began to run. There were no whistles that blew the play dead. I had blockers ahead of me. A stadium of fans were cheering me on. It was a real game and there was great excitement. I was running with the ball towards the end zone and my blockers were knocking down the opponents. The blocked opponents I stepped over were wearing white robes. I scored a touchdown and with great rejoicing was giving credit to my blockers which I called in the dream, "my homies". The stadium of fans were going nuts with cheer.


My being an undrafted free agent is my organic upbringing in the Lord, not by church affiliation or seminary training. The players not ready are Christians and Pastors who think highly of their ministries and themselves and by this, are not ready. They have the prophets and watchmen on ignore.

The #37 I was wearing is still a mystery to me and God in his time will reveal what this means. It may be a timing that is being revealed in that # some how.

Those who were blocked, wearing white robes, are the saints who oppose this word. They are still our brethren, dressed in white, but are opposing this word of the prophets. In the dream there was someone else who was supposed to take the ball, but they were not doing their job, so it was up to me to grab the ball and run.

The ball represents the word of God for the day. The ball out of bounds is the fault of the kick off team. The kick off team is the church who has rejected the word of God for the day and they kicked the ball (the word) away from them and even out of bounds, but God, the referee, did not blow the play dead, so I picked up the ball, got back in bounds where the ball went out and began to run. The direction I was running was from right to left, east to west. I am returning the word back, going back to the west coast to evangel the megaquake word of warning (when the time is right). Angels and the Holy Spirit are going before me to block for me, so I can get there, to the end zone for the TD, to bare witness of this word for the kingdom, so people would believe in the one who's giving it, the King Jesus Christ.

The stadium of fans are the cloud of witnesses that have gone on before us. Heaven is watching with great excitement and cheer of this timely word going forth, which is going to bare much fruit, once it comes to pass!

Father Yah, I pray you would prepare the way to awaken many with this word. Thank you for angels and your Spirit that makes this possible and prepares the way. Thank you that I can carry the word and be prepared for this. Though your church has put this word on ignore, I know some of them will awaken with the first warning and prepare to get to safety. So Father I pray you would lead me in every way to reach those who are reachable, so those who do seek, would find. Most people will not seek, but you are sending forth the word to find the few who do and they will be blessed to see through the great loss that is coming. Lord, if there is anything I am missing from what you want to do, show me, that I might be in complete tune with what all you are doing. In Jesus might name, amen

Colors of Procession
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It's 9:11 am as I begin to type out this vision. This AM, I asked about getting provision for the California mission trip and was shown in colors. The colors were what was thick smoke coming out of tubes. I saw a tube in red, then one in yellow, then one in green, then in blue, then in purple, then in pink.


Red is a stop. It is not time to go right now. Yellow is a waiting period. A waiting for the calling and equipping to go. Green is when the calling comes and the time to go minister in the Spirit. Blue is this message, many people are going to suffer from the quakanamis to come. It will be blue, a time of great sorrow. Blue, also representing the color of water, from the quakanami. Purple is the time it hits, as blood red and blue mix to make purple. Great sorrow and blood shed will be coming to the west coast. Pink is blood red and white mixed. People will be coming to the white (light), through the blood, both of the sufferings to come and through the blood of Jesus Christ. Tribulation does also purify, as white. This is the procession of the mission and what's to come, concerning the west coast.

Father Yah, I pray, in the mighty name of Jesus, that you would bring divine guidance and divine encounter, so those who might have faith, would believe and run to you for safety. Lord prepare the way with your mighty angels and Holy Spirit to open doors and minds to your word of what's to come. You are sending a warning tsunami and I pray people would GET IT to evacuate before the mega quake weeks later, where many will die and disease will begin to spread. Charge your people in firm ways to get to safety and may those who are not walking with you, when they see your word come to pass on this, begin to. Lord I am planting seeds. Let this seed be firm in the memory of all who get to have the privilege of this message of your rhema word for the day. Be glorified in your people, to rise up in the midst of chaos and direct others to safety. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord, amen

The Shallow Wife
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On May 30th, 2012, I drempt I was married to a woman who didn't know me very well. We were married, but in the dream, she didn't take the time to get to know me and the house we lived at was first a home she decorated, but then became as an apartment. In the back yard of this home was a poor couple who we let live in a small RV they had, but later in the dream, the RV was replaced by a bunch of cars of friends she had over. I walked into the house and she had about 5 or 6 children she was feeding. I looked into the cabinets and I saw alot of different kinds of cereal. She had alot of it stock piled in the cabinets. Then I went to leave and to meet her somewhere else and right before I left we kissed, but she held me back from embracing her. It was a quick kiss, without heart. She said to everyone in the room as she was kissing me "He is mine. We belong to each other."

I took a walk thru the neighborhood and found below a tree, a bunch of items no one wanted. I found two cell phones below the tree in a box of other things, as though these two cell phones were for my wife and I. One of the phones was an old black one. The other phone was a newer silver colored one. I grabbed them both and left.

Then we met outside at what was a small mall type setting with lots of friends. She wanted to buy food. I wanted to save the money and eat at home, so I told her I would go home real quick and get some food and come back soon. Wondering thru the streets to get back home I soon realized it would not be worth the hassle and to just order some fast food, but while I was doing this, I saw someone who had left a bicycle at a red light. Suddenly a biker on his motorcycle came by and pushed his bike down the road very rudely without consideration of the one who owned the bike. As I proceeded back to my wife and friends, I noticed some wondering kids inside a store that was like an arcade/candy store.

I went back to my wife and she and friends were having ice cream at an ice cream parlor, so I went to order some ice cream, but I had to sit down in front of a computer to order and fill out a complex online application to get my order thru. Then the dream ended.


This is a second dream, similar to the one I received on 1-11-11, showing another side of church, the people of God. In this dream, like the first dream, I was as the Lord and the woman I was married to was as the church. In this dream, the wife was presumptuous not really knowing me, but thinking she did. The home we lived at later becoming an apartment was the church who used to make her home with the Lord, but has now become a rented space, shallow, without deep rootedness and wordly. She has downgraded the quality of the church from a home to a commercial apartment.The poor couple I saw in the RV in our back yard is the church who used to help poor locals, but then replaced that with making lots of friends with the same social status. Where the poor couple in the RV were, had become replaced by what appeared to be almost like a small parking lot of cars, like due to my wife's desire to become popular.

But when I went inside the house, they were not adults, but children with her. The children she was feeding the cereal to at the table, are the saints who never grow up in the Spirit, as the cabinets, all they contained were lots of cereals and no real nutrition of the word. She had alot of cereal in those cabinets, an over supply of the wrong food, sugar coated, processed grains. This is much of the church of today, processed, sugar coated and without a balanced diet of the word.

When I went to leave and we kissed, I wanted to fully embrace her but she grabbed my arms and held me back, with just a pat kiss. Though on the lips, it was a kiss without heart. She was too concerned with everyone else in the room watching. Though she claimed we belong to each other, and it seemed as she meant it, her actions did not follow.

Walking thru the neighborhood and finding the cell phones under the tree speaks of communications when emergency strikes. The cell phones were blended in with a vanity of other possessions and were left there, untended. So to, is the church's mind set towards being prepared for the emergency to come. The cell phones were mingled in with other possessions that were useless, much like items left over from a garage sale that no one wanted. This is how much of the church is unprepared for the emergency to come and the cell phones representing a readiness in emergency. The Lord is bringing you an emergency life line of communications for when the great troubles strike.

Will you listen? Will you value this word or will you treat my prophetic word of the destructions to come upon your nation as a light thing?

The older black phone is of the former lines of communication, colored black, for the Lord is now on the new lines of communication with his wife, from the new silver cell phone. Will you adjust to this rhema word for the day church? Will you hear what the Spirit is saying?

My wife having many friends with her at the mall speaks of her worldliness. My wanting to eat at home and not at the mall like my wife, speaks of our nutrition should come from the word and a true church diet, at the deep rooted true home and not from the shallowness of the apartment or from the mall of worldliness and giving our money to it.

Though my wife is at the mall eating from it, she is still my wife. Though disappointing, I will still dwell with her and dine with her. So I will eat the spiritual ice cream with her, but my desire is the full meal which she does not take the time to prepare.

The bike left at the stoplight and taken away by the biker speaks of the vehicle to take the gospel to the lost. The Lord is reminding us, many saints, when in a period of waiting, loose their way of taking the gospel to the lost. The biker who came along and stole the bike away is Satan, who wishes to steal away that which the Lord has given us to share the gospel. The bike had tall handle bars. We must remember our sharing of the gospel is supposed to be designed and steered from above.

The wondering kids I was seeing in the arcade/candy store are ones who are lost, who are nearby my wife in the mall. My wife is able to reach them, but she is also too busy with friends who are not maturing on the cereal and ice cream socials she has fed them.

Finally, back to my wife, my sitting down to order ice cream from a computer and fill out a complex application asking for much personal information is the heavy taxing toll it has taken on me says the Lord... and just for some ice cream. You my wife, are too concerned to make friends instead of loving me and serving the poor around you. The food you are serving is for those who do not wish to grow up. You are catering too much to immaturity. I have a cell phone for you, for emergency use, but you have treated it as though the prophecies would never come to pass. You've downgraded my church from a home to an apartment, a shallow commercial place and you do not know me as you aught. You don't spend enough time with me. You're too busy with your social occasions and not deep in prayer with me. You kiss me, but hold back my full embrace. You hold back those who would love me more says the Lord. You are controlling in ways that are for your social agenda. You build with your own wisdom and not with mine. You are institutionalized and set in your ways. I cannot work like I will with such a fixed agenda. Repent! Make me food that is true food, food that I have made for you to eat. Stop processing and sugar coating it! The time of great trouble is at the door. You are not preparing. You are too busy with your ice cream socials and when the time comes, you'll be as the ones who are in the days of Noah, caught so off guard and will become victims instead of being ready as the victors.

Father Yah, thank you for this word. It is identifying what we need to awaken to see, our fallen ways, for your ways are higher than our ways. The strong meat is coming. Prepare your people to receive the hard word, so they might be ready for what's to come. Help your church to change, to buy from you, the true food. Cause her to forsake the vain processed sugar coated food which only later causes health problems. Oh Lord, let every pastor and leader be fearful of holding back saints who love you more, with the fresh fire and surpass them in the Spirit, for they merely have a job to do and are not the purpose or the reason the people of God should bring their support. Let us fully embrace you, your word and your purpose, to prepare us for what's to come! In Jesus mighty name, Amen

The Mountain of Hidden Knowledge
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On 6/6/12, I drempt I was climbing a mountain with a friend. We were looking for a secret buried within the mountain. We found a room inside the mountain and within this room, was another smaller room where we found all kinds of gold. Some of this gold was in drawers. I found a santa clause head made of gold about the size of a 1 oz gold coin. I opened the drawers and found some of the drawers contained real gold and some of them contained fake gold. I then stuffed a small back pack of the gold. My friend with me, suddenly had to meet someone right outside the mountain, which then had become a street of suburbia. I took the gold in the back pack and with that, I also had two quart sized milk jugs that were filled with pee.

As I left the mountain enclosure and was now in suburbia, I was worried that my friend's friend there was going to discover our secret, so I played it cool and didn't let him in on what we had discovered. They then drove away in a car. I then went to a house and began to pour out the pee in the milk jugs out onto the ground. I then watered down the ground where I had poured the pee out.


The mountain we were climbing was the mountain of hidden knowledge. Within this mountain, is true gold and false gold, true knowledge and false knowledge. The Santa Clause head I had found and thought was made of true gold, turned out to be false. My stuffing the back pack of true gold is the true knowledge, while the piss I brought out of the mountain is the false knowledge.

My wanting to hide the knowledge of the true gold location from my friend's friend speaks of those who do not seek. They will not find and are not worthy of the true gold, for why should God give away the true riches to those who do not even care or have faith that it is there?

My pouring out the pee, the false knowledge, is a cleansing of what I had falsely believed. Watering the ground down afterwards is a continuation of purging myself of what was the former false knowledge and cleansing my mind with the purity of God's word.

All the while, I continued to have the small back pack of true gold. By this, we should not give up when we are deceived by the fool's gold, but learn to separate the false gold from the true gold. We all are prone to deception because our enemy, the demons, are very deceitful and full of trickery. The Lord knows this and all he is concerned with is that we keep an honest heart and continue with humility to put ourselves in check and the knowledge we have of him and other issues in check with his word. This takes a humility and a resistance to the many religious spirits out there which seek to deceive and hold us in the various deceptions. Religious zeal without humility is dangerous and can lead one into a deception for years. We must continue to seek for the true gold.

During this seeking, we will run into gold that looks real, but is not. This is expected. Hold onto the true gold that is solid in the word and in strong confirmation, if dealing with the prophetic things and resist being fooled by the many fake gold relics in the mountain of hidden knowledge. Santa's gold brings many promises, but move the letter N in Santa to the end and you are left with nothing, but Satan's fake fools gold of deception.

Keep seeking. When you stumble, pick yourself up and keep seeking. Try it by the fire of God's word and the strong confirmation. The true gold will come forth and you joy will be made full!

Father Yah, I pray you would lead us into all truth. Let us not presume that because your word says so, that we are already there and cannot be deceived. We have only lived a short time. Our enemy has been around for thousands of years and has a huge advantage over us, but you Oh Lord, are our shepherd. Your word is a light unto my feet. Oh Lord, help us to discern what is true and to shun that which is not of you! Help us to remain open to be corrected when we need it and to repent quickly, so pride would not take hold of us. Let all my high mindedness be brought down and let your love overcome all battles of the mind, that we might only take that which is purified gold, tried in the fires of your holy word. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen

The Dark Horse
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On 6-24-12, I dreamt of meeting with a dark horse whom I loved and the horse loved me. The horse was behind a drape of a wall in an enclosed room. We lovingly embraced and in this dream, I had the toe of the horse in my mouth, as a gesture of my great love for this horse.


God is showing me thru this dream of my desire to spread the prophetic word to the west coast. I've wanted to physically go out west coast to warn the people of the quakanamis to come, but God has held me back thus far from doing so. I know I will be sent, but this dream was to deal with my soul wrenching desire to go to warn. In this dream, that mission for the west coast is shown thru this dark horse I loved.

The term "dark horse" is of one who is little known and is an underdog, who suddenly arises to prominence, a surprise win, a shocking result, an unexpected victor. Such will be the shock and awe of what's coming to California.

The horse's toe in my mouth represents the word is going forth through my mouth. The horse's toe in my mouth represents that word going forth, the feet representing travel and movement of his word; the horse dark representing this word I have for California.

To whom much is given, much is required. The Word and the Spirit has been given to this nation more than any other, but the US has fallen from grace and soon, the judgments begin, the west coast quakanamis, economic collapse, revolution and then WW3.

The dark horse soon rides throughout this land, but who will recognize their need to repent? The dark horse is coming to shock California, as well as surprise the Christian prophecy world, much of which, is caught up in false prophetic senarios.

Oh Lord, this nation is a stiff necked people full of themselves. The entertainment is vastly corrupt. The politicians are corrupt. The corporations are corrupt. The media is corrupt. The people are drunken with the wine of Babylon. The people live for their pleasures of the flesh. Save that which is holy and all those who pursue the things above. Bless those who are seeking to find your words of warning as gold. The time of separation is coming! Secure that which is yours and draw the dividing line, so those in the light will fully come to your sweet embrace. When the dark horse rides, Lord set your people upon white stallions in full strength to ride with you throughout the tribulation to come! Set our hearts to be fully in the Spirit and laugh at that which is of the flesh because of your power so upon us to overcome and to be seated with you in glory! Amen!

The Religious Stiffs
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On 9-24-12, I drempt I was back in my home town of Philadelphia. In this dream, I woke up out of a bed half dressed, on the side walk of a street called Large St and an alley I used to play at as a kid. It was dark out, like right before dawn and I saw a car approaching. I felt embarrassed being half dressed and it was half rainy and snowy outside. I knew I was inside of a dream and tried to wake up out of the dream, but could not, so I then walked a block to a church and went inside.

The church was on the corner of Ripley St and Large St, down the street from where I grew up as a kid. This church was only in the dream, but is not really there. The church I entered was one of those old denominational churches. I proceeded up some stairs at the side entry of this church and quiet alarms went off that were wired into the steps. Still half dressed and dripping wet shoulder length hair, out came a priest or pastor of this church and he told me to leave. I refused to leave, needing help from the harsh winter weather. Then he turned and told an assistant. Out both of them came and their heads turned into the heads of a dog and behind their dog heads was also a mask, as that of a man. They tried to force me out of the church, but then I broke thru them and went inside another part of the church and began to preach to the people inside the church.

A woman in the crowd accused me of being of the spirit of poverty because of my appearance. I told her I was not, but was an electrician and prospered to a degree. All of these people were in a dining area sitting at round tables, mocking me and not listening to what I had to say.

Finally, because they were not listening I proceeded to the exit, but before I exited, I stood in the exit and proceeded to clap my hands and each time I clapped my hands, people would begin to pass out in sleep. There were beds inside the church that the people were laying in by the time I got to the exit and each time I clapped, someone else would fall asleep in their bed, like my clapping was silencing their noisy mocking. I then asked the Lord, that the lights, which looked like Christmas lights, would go out with a clap and they went out with a clap.

When almost everyone was silenced to sleep with a clap as they were laying in their beds in the church, I proceeded to leave and up stepped the head pastor or priest of the church. He looked to be about 60 years old with some grey hair and he looked at me with disdain and told me to get out of his church. I then saw a little dog I lived with named Mocha near the front of the sanctuary and called to her to come out of the church. She came to me and we left the church.


The location of this dream, in Philadelphia, the birth place of the nation, God is speaking to the church, as the old church of religious stiffs who resist his Spirit and are not broken. The location at Large and Ripley St is a description of that part of the church who comes in his name, that it is old, large and in the end, the Lord will make it to R.I.P. It was an old denominational church I visited. The time of day, right before the dawn is right before the dawn of his light to come upon the church in judgment, for judgment, first begins in the house of God (I Pet 4:17).

In this dream I was as the Lord and when the Lord's footsteps of conviction come to the church, alarms went off and out came the watch dogs who seek to keep the religious status quo. They were watch dogs with their Sunday best, masks on. This speaks of some of the leadership inside the old church, how fake they are, with wearing a mask, but are within as a snarling dog. They didn't even have an ounce of compassion for me of my half clothed state from out of the harsh winter weather and to top it all off, they judged my outward appearance.

When I broke thru these leaders to the dining area, the people began to mock me because of my outward appearance. The woman who accused me of being of the spirit of poverty is that pentecostal/charismatic part of the church who hold to the doctrine that gain is godliness. I told her I was an electrician who was prospered to a degree. God tests his saints, some with riches and some with lack, but the church is against the Lord in this and despises and even rejects poor saints at times. They claim blessings, but they do not know that blessings are a test as well and many Christians are failing these tests by merely casting in of their abundance ad walking in pride. They just judge poorer saints without judging themselves of the test of blessings that they are being given, and will be required of, when the Lord comes. Churches are not teaching this as they aught and their standards are very low because of their conformity to this materialistic, debt driven, Americanized culture.

When the people inside the church would not listen, I then proceeded to the exit. The Lord will do the same when his people do not listen and mock the poorer of his saints, who unlike the arrogant religious mockers, walk in humility. By the time the Lord got to the exit, the people were laying in beds, still mocking. One by one, he put them to sleep with a clap of his hands. Then I asked that the Christmas lights would go out with a clap and I clapped those lights out also. This speaks of the church's traditions. They are vain and meaningless to the Lord.

Near the end of clapping out the church members, to put them to sleep, the head pastor of the church arrived, who looked upon me with disdain and told me to get out of his church. Then I saw my friend's dog Mocha, called to her and she came out of the church with me. This is God speaking to the old denominational church, that a little Chihuahua can hear his voice more than these people who come in his name.

Oh God, this part of the church has mocked your prophets, even those with the gift of healing, who have come with your power and they have kicked them out of the church! I pray you would awaken the sleeping Christians of those churches to COME OUT! Those churches are not your church! Your church fasts, prays, evangelizes and helps and loves poor locals. Your church does not resist your Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. Your church does not judge outward appearance or judges people by their worldly status, but churches who come in your name do! I pray you would cleanse your church of its shallow state and show them, riches are just as much of a testing as being poor, but they have misappropriated their livelihood. They love the things of this world with it and treat themselves to all kinds of excesses including church leaders, who love 5 star hotels and the most expensive clothing, to ride in limousines and to sit with kings, politicians and businessmen and to stand with those who are famous, but who's names are not even written in the book of life, all the while, ignoring the lowest of the saints who are highly exalted in your eyes and who have to endure the trials of being poor in this life. Those puffed up church leaders, their beds of church tradition are prepared for them to a sleep of silence, to a R.I.P. when you begin to judge them of the hardness of their hearts.
Oh Lord, awaken your people to come out of those old crusty institutions and to unite with your true church. Your true church does not resist you and the convictions of your love and humility! Let every church of pride who resists your love and word, be left sleeping and silenced! In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, who pleas with and who judges the church, AMEN!

Woe unto those denominational leaders who forbid the Spirit healing people, who kick her ministers out of the church and forbid them to minister to the people like this. Woe unto you denominational hierarchy who resist the Lord like this! You wound his saints and turn away those who are seeking by your stiff necked religion! You are of the spirit of the law, like your fathers the Pharisees, who say they love God, but are as snarling dogs when it comes to loving the saints and compassion outweighing judgment. Because of the stiff hardness of your hearts, the Lord has spoken and you are found poor, wretched, blind and naked before him! Repent or he will soon come to put your church to sleep! Yea, some of you are already put to sleep and you don't even know it, and now the dawn of his judgment is coming.
Will you believe my word to repent and awaken, or will I need to put you to sleep?

The Death of Jobs
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On 9/25/12, I drempt I was in a US Railroad Community. The community, while not rich, it did thrive and provided many of the people jobs. A guy named Larry was manager over all the operations of the railroad and made sure everything ran smoothly. In this dream, Larry died and the whole community was in a massive uproar. Soon after he died, the railroad was sold out to someone who wanted to retire it, but before this retirement of the railroad, there was one last push to use it to make just a few people alot of money.

In a scene, I over heard a father and son argue about this. The father, a former high ranking employee, was saying how he could make alot of money for the family before the railroad retires, but his son was pleading with him not to do it and to protest this whole ordeal because it would destroy their way of life, but the father kept on arguing that this is just how it was.

Then the scene switched and everyone in the community was at Larry's funeral. At the funeral, there was alot of new agers and they had quite the display of vanity fair and were making lots of noise to celebrate Larry's life and in the midst of this loud funeral procession, it became quiet for a short few seconds of time and out of the casket, we could hear a quiet heart beat. It was Larry's heart coming back to life and everyone there heard it's small quiet heart beat, but the new agers there thought that was not possible and then began to make alot of noise again, drowning out the quite sound of Larry's heart beat.

The possibilities of Larry being raised from the dead crossed the minds of a few of us, but the doubt and noise of the new agers at the funeral had drowned out the possibility.

I then awoke out of this dream still with the steady quiet rhythm of Larry's heart beat in my mind. I then went back to sleep because it was about 2 am in the morning, but God woke me up again, with this same heart beat rhythm, still in my mind and the conviction to type this dream out while it was still fresh in my mind.


This dream is about the the rebirth of US manufacturing and restoration. It is also a rebuke to the new agers who are keeping the possibility of the resurrection of these jobs dead. The new agers are running the nation. Those of the doctrine of "tolerance" and "diversity" and "unity" at any cost, are perpetuating those principles of globalization and are those new agers who are drowning out the resurrection of Larry's life, who could bring us the rebirth of US manufacturing and along with it, massive amounts of jobs and incredible economic stimuli. 

Obama and all those political minions on both the left and right are keeping us from these jobs. Both George Bush senior and Bill Clinton and the politicians of their era are the ones who sold us out of the railroad and jobs for a quick buck from China and others. The New World Order in which they started and continue to perpetuate by many of these current politicians are making alot of noise and drowning out the heart beat of the resurrection of getting America back to work again. It is these "new age" principles of dividing the US to unite us with the nations of the world in globalization that is robbing us of US manufacturing jobs and replacing us with slave labor from over seas, for a quick buck, but it's all coming to an end very badly when the prophecies for the US begin to come to pass, one of those being a US revolt that is going to tear this nation apart for our enemies to come in and devour us and it all stems from these new ager elitists in power, and their globalization economic principles.

The elitist new agers running the country are to blame because we are operating under their principles of "leveling the playing field" globally when God made us to be separated nations to work out our own business, not the rebuilding of Babylon and a return to one under the corrupt rule of men and their new age principles, without the separation checks put into place that God established to protect us from the their one world, corrupt, globalization rule.

So in the midst of all the noise, we are burying the heart beat of Larry, a symbolic rebuke to those who are fooled and are economic know nothings for selling us out by putting the wrong people in power.

The average American is fooled by these new age, globalization principles of the rebuilding of Babylon that is destroying the nation and they won't see it, even as the quiet heart beat of true change goes to an early grave. They refuse to accept the correction, due to the hardness of their hearts and for the quick fixes of a drug induced government dependent people, who cannot discern their deadly economics. So goes the nation, in it's funeral, while the new agers celebrate in their loud vanity fair of the party to their early grave. Happy re-election Obama!<<< pun intended

Oh God! Our nation is so brainwashed! We are beyond understanding. Our people are seared with a hot iron. They will not turn from their deceitful ways! Their hearts are hardened. They cannot see the early grave in which they are digging for themselves. We are now 17 trillion dollars in debt. The chicks are soon coming home to roost on us and the end result is what you prophesied years ago, that we will be torn apart as a nation when the revolt comes and our enemies devour us at that vulnerable time. Oh God, save all those who are righteous and stand for the principles of separation and fair labor. Oh God, awaken the people to expose those who continue to condone slave labor from over seas and their globalization principles that are bringing us as a nation, to an early grave. But Lord, is it too late?
Oh God, if it is too late, help us, your people to prepare for what's to come, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, who is coming to violently overthrow and disarm all of them! AMEN!

The WW3 Draft

On 10-10-12, I drempt I was with some  friends and suddenly, gun shots were fired and many people were running around in chaos. I and some others hopped in a car to try to escape the chaos. We didn't know at the time, what we were running from. The car began to move and we were running over what appeared to be soldiers who were trying to recruit or kill people. Then the car crashed and I escaped the car and tried to hide, but one of the soldiers found me and commanded me to come to him. 

The soldier was wearing a dark blue coat, with tails, like from the civil war and he had as an emblem the letters UA on his jacket big, the University of Auburn insignia. We found out that it was a draft. We were being drafted to be soldiers in the army. 

 Then some friends I was with previously, had a list of names of people who were exempt from the draft and when the soldier caught me, I told him to check the list with my friends. Betrayed by my friends, they looked at me and gave the soldier the sign that I was not on that list, so the soldier took me in to be drafted. 

We then entered a mess hall type area and I was saying to another to be happy because we get the opportunity to lay down our lives in the army. Then I sat at a table with another friend and her kids and a few others. This is when the dream ended.


When WW3 comes, most able bodied men are  going to be forcefully drafted to fight the Chinese, Russians and Mexicans who will be invading the land. By this dream, the draft is going to be sudden, just like the WW3 invasion. Those wanting to escape the country will not be able to do so at that time. Friends will betray friends. 

The Auburn name is a description of what is going to happen to this nation. Every American is going to get Au-burned in one way or another, in blood, dirt  and fire,  as the color of Auburn. They will get the university of Auburn higher learning thru the blood, dirt and fire, for judgment does teach the hard way. 

There will also be a great civil conflict right before WW3, signified by the Civil War uniform the soldier was wearing.

Once we were informed of what was going on, we then accepted the mission, to defend the land from the invaders. Those who cannot escape and are drafted will have a place of honor for laying down their lives  to protect the women and children.

This is what is coming to America during WW3. Expect that if you do not believe this word of prophecy and prepare ahead to escape,  then you will be stuck here to be drafted and fight in the war. 

Father Yah, you have given us many warnings, yet the people continue to slumber and not believe your word of warning. They continue to think all is well and the economy has recovered and no ill fate will come to this  nation. They trust in their guns and gold more than your word of warning to escape this coming land of destruction. Oh God, awaken your people, those who are sensitive to your pleas, to get to a safe place and prepare! And those stuck in the war, bless them to see, the true abundant life is not here, but with you, in glory! Help them to let go and to trust in you. We cannot save ourselves! Show them, no matter where they wind up, it's all coming out clean in the wash of the blood of Jesus. Show them these troubles to come are but to work in us whatever repentance is needed to be fully right on with you, for that is all that matters, for it is with you Oh Lord, that everlasting joy, abundance and peace is coming!

In Christ, Weather 

The Arrogant Leader
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On December 11th, 2012, I drempt I was at a huge modern Christian event that was taking place. I was with the coordinator of the event who was calling the shots of how this event was to take place. I could hear him giving orders of how this and that was to go.

Then he began to speak to a church leader who was counting on this event to raise funds for doing a mission to Africa with his people. I saw the t-shirts they had made up to promote this mission to Africa with a picture of the continent and a bull's eye with a heart in the picture of the continent on the t-shirt.
All their members were wearing those shirts and they had just arrived from a distance on several stage coach type buses, excited to do their work.

The Coordinator then began to discus with the leadership of this African Mission how they could not promote their mission at this huge Christian event for some technical reason. The entire thing was highly offensive to this church group doing the mission to Africa because they planned on and needed this event to raise funds and awareness and they began rounding up their people and leaving the event.

The coordinator then was speaking to a Pastor and his daughter and the coordinator began to make his daughter rededicate her life to Christ, as though she had not really commited to Christ, when she did, but because of her meek and humble spirit, she was sensitive and not the openly outgoing zealous Christian this coordinator thought everyone needed to be. The Coordinator was pressuring her right there to re-dedicate and it was upsetting the girl. She then very upsettlingly after that incident, walked away in tears. The pastor's daughter was already fully dedicated to Christ, but this coordinator's zeal was only hurting the people.

Then the Coordinator was near a worship group and briefly was showing the folks there that he could play guitar too. Then he grabbed a guitar and busted out a hard rock lead guitar riff, as though he wanted recognition for his musical ability.

The whole incident with the pastor's daughter really ticked me off and I turned around and began rebuking the coordinator, with the wimpy pastor, who was afraid to offend the coordinator.
I could remember some of the words I used.

"Listen to me" I interupted the coordinator. The coordinator then tried to talk over me. I then had to rebuke him more harshly and more aggressively. "No! You listen to me", as I aggressively grabbed his shirt and began to rebuke him ! "You've highly offended the pastor's daughter who was already dedicated to Christ and now, this group for Africa is leaving the event and going back home. They brought alot of people and paid a big price to promote their mission and now look at the event starting to clear out because of your stupidity."

That's when the dream ended. It was very vivid and I knew I had to get up and type it out right away while it was Holy Spirit fresh in my mind at around 2:30 am.


This is God rebuking those religious leaders in the church who are control happy and lead by their zeal, but not by his Spirit. These are leaders who cause division amongst brethren and use their position to exalt themselves, indicated by the coordinator getting himself attention by cutting in to the practice session of the worship group with his hard rock guitar riff. He thought his place was to get his meddling little hands in on every thing around him.

This is a rebuke to Christian leaders who send other ministries away, who need help by this event (thru their churches), but are covetous only to promote their own plans and their own ministry. The group for Africa was a mission ordered of the Lord, but the coordinator was like too many church leaders who send Christian brethren away because they are raising money and awareness for their mission and do not think to be united to help other ministries. I had a sense in the dream that because the coordinator did not know the ministry too well, that this was the technicality that lead to the division. Even though it was discussed that they could do this at the event, the shear numbers the Africa missions group brought in intimidated the control freek coordinator. We must do as the word says, be humble and be open to strangers and to entertain angels unaware.

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some of the people have entertained angels without knowing it (Hebrews 13:2)

This is also a rebuke to Christian leaders who make it hard for young ministries to get their foot in the door to be helped by the church. They cut them off just because they do not share in the same exact theology as their puffed up heads think everyone should. This is a huge problem with denominationalism before the Lord and he detests that such a puffed up and divisive work comes in his name.

The coordinator pressuring the Pastor's daughter to rededicate are the works of those zealous preachers inside the church who for show and performance, try to conjure up tears, works and alter calls to spin a service to make it look like they did something of value in the Kingdom of God. Saints don't need to be pressured. They're already there. They need to be equipped, but it seems modern day preachers and their churches are only about equipping themselves and their own ministries, even among those trying to lend a hand of help.

The wimpy pastor just going along with the overly zealous coordinator speaks of that part of leadership who are idle about such hypish things taking place among the people of God. They are intimidated easily and undiscerning of the religious show of these leaders who come with self promotion in the name of zeal and righteousness.

I had to shake up the coordinator, even grabbing his shirt because he wasn't listening to me at first. I had to rebuke him of his insensitivity and arrogance. The lack of humility among big Christian leaders is a problem. The louder they come, the stronger the rebuke they need. This arrogant zeal spills over into the rest of the body of Christ and they become boastful, carnal, divisive, and pushy in spirit. Their lack of humility is going to earn them many stripes before the judgment seat of Christ. Even their boasting of Christ is unacceptable before God because it is intermingled with zealous arrogance and religious pride.

The coordinator was much taller than I, and I had to tippy toe it when I grabbed his shirt to rebuke him. By this the Lord is reminding me of what I keep telling him, that I am short and not a man of stature or of fancy attire like many of the preachers in the churches and they won't receive me to minister because I won't cater to their demands of the flesh in performance based religious zeal, but in this dream I stood up to one much taller than I because figuratively, some of those with great stature in the church need a strong rebuke.

Father Yah, we thank you for this dream and in addressing the humility needed among zealous brethren. You said a meek and quiet spirit is in your sight, of great worth, but many are deceived to become loud and obnoxious, turning people away from you and making your name to appear foolish looking. I pray you would correct your people, that they would see humility is a beauty you do not make light of and humility is a necessary foundation for love and unity among brethren to flourish. Lord, let our zeal be not without wisdom and understanding. Let our zeal not become offensive and pushy. When your kingdom comes, we are not going to be able to get away with such loose zeal. We are going to have to tighten up with humility until we learn to get it firm inside of us.
Lord help us to balance humility and zeal. Let not humility keep us under a lid and let it not cause us to submit to leadership's carnal religious works. At the same time, let us be filled with humility toward one another, not comparing ourselves to each other and measuring each other up, for by grace we stand. Let the brethren in the low place by humility, not consider themselves as nothing, and the zealous to be aware that the higher one goes, the more harshly they are going to be judged (James 3:1) in your kingdom. Help us to have deeper understanding amongst one another and let your love, your true love, the agape from your Spirit and not our zeal, lead us, in the holy name of Jesus Christ our King, Amen

The Stolen Gold
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On 02-06-13, I drempt I was an electrician working in a very wealthy man's home with other workers there as well. One of the workers, a builder/coordinator, was caught stealing the wealthy man's gold and the sheriff, who worked security at the house had him there in cuffs, but it was a conspiracy. The sheriff was in on stealing the wealthy man's gold with the worker he had under arrest. Little did the wealthy man know it.

We went to the back yard where the coordinator had transferred the gold from the wealthy man's house, to his hiding place buried in the ground, but when they dug it up, all the gold was gone and already transferred. The gold had been sold to someone in Ireland and the worker had connections there to hide his doings.

The Wealthy Man looked very much similar to the actor Al Pacino (from the movie, The God Father) and had a stern look and countenance about him. He was enraged and was feverishly set to find out what had happened.

Then the scene switched. We were all outside his house. The wealthy man had found out about the entire conspiracy against him and he rounded up all the workers at his house. He had a list of the names of all the people who had worked at his house and we all had to sign our name on the list as well, next to where it was. I knew, when I saw the long list of names, that the list was in order, from those who were the most innocent at the top, to those listed at the bottom who were guilty.

When I went to sign my name, I was near the top. I think I was like the 3rd person down on the list. I saw it had listed my name as Bill Weather, but I very nervously signed my name formally next to it as William Weather in fear of the wealthy man and his anger about to explode, because I knew this list was the judgment of the wealthy man and his anger was about to be kindled against those near the bottom of the list.


In this dream, the wealthy Man is Jesus Christ our Lord and King. His house is the church. The workers in his house are us, who seek to do his will, but there are unfaithful stewards in his house in whom the king sees as thieves. These are those who horde for themselves the treasures of his house. This includes Pastors who are hording the gold of his word in a self promotion way. This is leadership who seek to be exalted. They are not making themselves last of all and servant of all(Mark 9:35). The Sheriff, in charge of the security of the house in this dream represent those leaders. They are at the bottom of the King's list.

Those near the bottom of his list are also those Christians who are prosperous, but are unfaithfully storing up for themselves the things of this world and spending the King's money wastefully, on the temporal things that are passing away and are not pumping the eternal word, spending on compassion to disciple or backing those who are doing so. They are not being a living sacrifice, as the scriptures say, though in an earthly exalted place in his house.

The stern look of the wealthy Man represents the judgment of the King that is coming, soon to his house. He looking like Al Pacino in The God Father, is synonymous with the movie's title and character.

The coordinator selling the gold to someone in Ireland was the surprise/mystery of this dream. I had to look up the meaning of IRE, as in Ire-land. The root word of Ire means anger or wrath. The coordinator, those unfaithful stewards, were selling and investing their riches into the land of wrath, the Ire-Land, for the day of wrath (Romans 2:5) and into the anger of the Lord, when he comes to judge his church.

Another detail in the dream,was that the ground dug up, where the gold was stored, was very well organized and layered. Those who are burying the gold are very organized at doing so. Don't let the outward organized appearance of religion fool you.

I was a bit sloppy in signing my name because of my hand shaking in fear when signing the list because I knew, soon after everyone had witnessed the list, the anger of the wealthy man was going to begin.

Judgment first begins in the house of God (I Peter 4:17)

The order of the list is a reminder, that the first shall be last and the last shall be first (Matt 20:16), in God's kingdom. Those who exalt themselves in his house will be last and those who make themselves last in ministry will be first.

I feel in the Spirit to also add, that our church and ministry structures are structured like the Catholic church, as a pope or head pastor being exalted, instead of a group of elders sharing in the teaching, and allowing others to develop their gifts as well. No one should be the head but Christ himself, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the carnal commercial spirit inside the church needs to be slaughtered, so that the community spirit of the Lord may be in control.

When leaders seek to always be the sole speaker from the pulpit and to be called the head of the church, they bury the gold, the word of God in others, to exalt their own. Many pastors are sincere and cater to this pope/head pastor structure unknowingly from the handmedown. Have grace with them and allow them time to change, but the Lord wants his word exalted in all his saints and a platform for the many, not just the head (the head pastor), but his church has yet to cater to the change he desires. The gold in other pastors, teachers, elders, decons, evangelists and lay people continue to be buried and undeveloped, so how could the others develop if no time is given to them, when it is hogged by the Head Pastor? This also causes the church to be more built on a man, rather than on the community of believers, as was intended by the Lord, like the first church, when it was pure. None of the Apostles were the head pastor of the first church. That title belonged to Christ alone. They also shared in teaching and leading. So also, let the church today be lead of Elders in sharing, teaching and leading.

I am honored that the Lord Jesus has me near the top of this particular list, but I confess, I don't feel worthy of it. I fail many times in practicing patience in tribulation and even counting it all joy to be persecuted and suffer for his name's sake; for the glory and reward that awaits us is exceedingly more than anything the demons or this world can throw at us. I may have made it near the top of this list because I don't seek to be exalted by the church, probably because I know the church doesn't receive me or these deeper truths of the Spirit, so I don't strive with religious men because I know they have a fixed and unflexible church agenda.

I testify to you in the Spirit, do not make light of these many prophetic dreams God has given. If you are truly hungry for more of the gold of his word by the Spirit, go here and begin to read the prophetic word in these dreams he's given, so that you might have deeper insight, into his heart and what the Spirit is saying for today!

Yours In Christ, Weather

Father Yah, I thank you for this word for today. Many are seeking to be exalted, but it is you oh Lord who promotes. It is you also who tries our patience and it is you also who keeps us in a humble place, sometimes to protect us and sometimes for a purpose, but Lord, let us discern when men try this against your will and may they be humbled, especially leaders who are not really serving the people, but are covetous for themselves to be heard above all others.

Lord let us have no concern , but to exalt your word, serve the saints, especially those in the low place and to pursue your heart and works through us. Lord, please give us discernment when the enemy tries to use good, to lead us astray, and good intent, to mislead us into dead works. Let only your work in us be exalted and help us to only exalt what you are doing in us.

I do not pray to be a faithful steward, for this is already a command to simply be a doer of. I pray that I would be not deceived into dead works and wasted time and money. I pray for my brethren that they would discern how they have been ensnared by the care of this world with housing, furniture, cars, careers, and family when you tell us to not put alot of stock in these things that are passing away, but to store treasure in Heaven. How can they discern this when they show little concern for the eternal destiny of others around them who are perishing? How can they say they love people when they do not share with them the life saving word? How can they call themselves a living sacrifice, when they give themselves big fat pay checks for the expensive things of this life, but put just little of their substance into the word eternal, for many saints still, go unequipped.

Oh God! Help us to be always faithful in being about baring witness of your kingdom, lest we live in vain, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord, amen

The Basketball Dream
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On March 31st, 2013, I drempt I was playing basketball on a basketball court, in a practice session, one on one with a few different players. I was defending from the other players scoring. A couple of times, the players would dribble the ball up to me, but then I would bat the ball out of their hands. Then they would dribble the ball up to me and wouldn't even try to get by me. I looked at everyone, like, why aren't they even trying? It made no sense to us that they gave up trying to score.

Then suddenly, a big black player, shaved bald head, very tall, and with a smile, scooped me up and took me down to the other end of the court. As we approached the other end of the court, I looked up at the score board. That was about the time I slowly started to wake up out of this dream. As I was awaking out of this dream, the score board was posting numbers I could see fading. I was seeing 11s, the number 11 like 3 times, a 14 and a 15, but no other numbers. 


The practice session on the basketball court was I and other players on the court of faith. The other players were Christian brethren, whom I was defending against because many in the church are either ignoring this word of prophecy for America or denying it. Every time they would dribble the ball up to me, I could bat it away. This is a picture of defending these apologetics of prophecy that the church is coming against. I could remember batting the ball away, but never seizing full control of the ball. This is the Spirit showing me that the opportunity, to control the ball (bring the word) inside the churches, is just not there, right now.

Then, after batting the ball away from the players a few times, they stopped trying to penetrate against me. They would control the ball, but would not try to penetrate and score. They would just back away with the ball. Right then I looked at everyone and threw my hands up, like, why were they not even trying to score on me? This represents the church's effort of their apologetics. They don't study these things of prophecy or even teach much on apologetics anymore. It's the same as the players giving up on scoring against me in this dream. All they can do is dribble the ball and waist time on the clock. They are presently controlling the ball, the word to the people, but are not going anywhere with it. They're just playing church. This is the church willfully ignoring the prophecies and wasting precious time to prepare.

The huge black player with the shaved head, picking me up and taking me down to the other end of the court represents the progress of this word God has given me for this nation and the church thru these many dreams and visions. In the dream, as he was picking me up and running me down to the other end of the court, I was thinking he was an angel sent from God to help me and we rejoiced together as we headed to the other end of the court. By this, the word of prophecy is making and is going to make greater progress as a witness of what's to come and to his majesty, in due time.

As we headed towards the other end of the court, I saw the time clock with the numbers. This was a count down God was showing me of what time is left of my wait for his calling for the word to prosper thru me. It may also be a countdown to the economic crash, which we expect in 2015.

These last 2 months, I've only watched about 2 to 3 hours of TV (accept for the super bowl), though we are in the height of this basketball season. This dream is similar to the football dream God gave me in 2011. He speaking thru sporting events, to awaken us to what is to come and to correct his church of the pointless game it is playing, for she speaks of and makes plans that will take more time than is available to us. She has the prophets, prophetic watchmen and watchmen on ignore. She is not preparing the people of God for the trauma to come.

I testify to you in the Spirit, do not make light of these many dreams God has given as a warning to us. If you will deny your wilfull ignorance and be a good soldier to study and watch, you will know what God is saying for this season in time. Many saints know the logos, the written word, but they are miserably failing on knowing the rhema, the word by the Spirit for this hour. The Pastors are not doing their job and opening the doors of the church to those whom the Lord is annointing with this rhema word for this prophetic hour, that being I, Brother John W. Johnston, Michael Boldea of Hand of Help, The Prophet Jonah Ben Noah, Bob Neumann, Unleavened Bread Ministry, Sean Malone of and others. They are not preparing their member saints for the time of trouble.

Father Yah, your saints are not getting the word. Oh God, help! Open the doors of your church for this word to prepare your children for what's to come. How can Pastors, pastor the word for this hour being spoken, when it's not even allowed in their churches? Why are such great ministries like Hand of Help, who care for many orphans and widows, not even invited to the mega churches? Are the mega churches mega because they only feed on baby food? Oh Yah! Awaken the pastors to see, their memebers are perpetual 4th graders in the Spirit who never grow up! Awaken them to see, we cannot live off of sugar coated cerial alone and grow as we should! We need the meat, now more than ever! Oh God, release the hunters of the meat! Release the butchers to prepare the meat! Release the cooks in the Spirit to savor it!

Father God! Prepare your people with the food that they need. Make them to be soldiers equipped, instead of sheep to be fleeced to nakedness in the time of trouble. Lord, help your people to be ready and on their toes in the Spirit to overcome all that is to come....
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ our King, Amen

The Pure Bride
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On 4-19-13, I drempt I was in a nice courtyard market place. There, is where I saw two women. One woman had medium length dark hair and was holding a basket of red grapes, as from a vineyard. She was slightly taller than me. The other woman had very long blonde hair, almost white in color. She also was carrying a basket of grapes, white in color. She was shorter than I. Both of these woman were very attractive and circling the market, carrying their basket of grapes, but the woman with the dark hair and red grapes was pursuing me, while the woman with the white hair strolled calmly around the courtyard.

This was a courtship going on between I and who I would choose to be my wife. As I circled the courtyard, I kept eying both women and it was a difficult choice to make between them. I admired the woman with the dark hair and red grapes because she was pursuing me, but the woman with the blonde hair and white grapes had my attention because of her purity. Finally, I had to make the choice between them and I chose the woman with the blonde hair and white grapes. I casually walked up to her and said “I choose you.” She gave a big smile and with great joy. The other woman with the dark hair and red grapes turned around quickly and proceeded to leave. I could tell as she was walking away, she was crying and had deep sorrow within.

Then the scene switched and there was a special gathering taking place. I was on my way to this gathering to meet my new wife, the one with the light hair and white grapes. I knew also that she had many children, so I was on my way to this gathering to meet with them.

When I came to then entrance of the gathering, I was greeted by a saint who also had very blonde hair. I pulled out a $10 bill to give to him for the entrance fee and without a second thought, gave him a tithe on that, a one dollar bill. This money I was giving was not green. It was not an American currency or any kind of currency I had seen in the earth. This currency was on white parched paper and was very artistic and elaborately designed with light brown insignia on it.

I then was inside of the special gathering and there I saw my wife. She was eating a meal at a table with others and all her children were there. I saw children scattered throughout this dining area at different tables and food bars, eating their food. They all had very light hair and I looked into the eyes of the children and they had green glowing eyes. My heart almost leaped out of my chest of love for these children, especially when I saw two of them dining at a food bar, one was about the age of 5 and the other just a baby, about 9 months old, who had little hair. These children so had my heart.

I then went through the dining area to check on provisions for our stay. I saw a set of condos were attached to the dining area, for many people to stay. I entered into one of these condos and it was a three story condo for my wife, children and I. On the bottom floor, there was a washer and dryer, a cleaning area. I looked into the main floor rooms and there was a living area and an area where there were about 10 or 12 beds spread out next to each other, where I, my wife and children would sleep. Then, the dream ended.


This is another dream the Lord has given where I am as he and my wife is as the church. The court yard where the Lord and the two women were, is the courtship of the Spirit searching for a pure church.

The woman with the dark medium length hair and red grapes, represents that part of the church who is pursuing the Lord, as she was pursuing me in the dream, but is not pure. Her hair is only medium length because she is not fully covered of her impurities (hair represents a covering) and her hair color being dark is that part of the church who rejects knowledge and teachings that can make her pure. Her children are the red grapes she was carrying. While this woman was attractive to the Lord and ultimately, she belongs to him (for all in the earth is the Lord's and the fullness of it), this dream is about the purity of the church and not about who is and isn't his, for the woman and her children (the red grapes) are his, but they have chosen ignorance and false teachings and this is why here hair was dark and without full covering, but her heart is good, as the tears she wept for not being chosen by the Lord (for purity) bare witness. The tears came from within and bore witness of her good heart, but her hair bore witness of her outward condition with the impurity of false teaching and knowledge.

My saying “I choose you” to the woman with the light hair, is the Lord's choosing his bride that is pure, clean both inside and out. Her purity is what attracted the Lord's attention more than the other woman and caused him to make that decision.

The stature of the two women played an important role in the Lord's choosing as well. Stature or the height of the women represents a humility and submission. The woman with the dark hair and red grapes was about an inch or two taller than me in the dream, while the woman with the light hair and white grapes was a couple inches shorted than me; that is, the woman taller than me was not submitted, but was exalting of herself, while the woman shorter was submitted. Much of today's church is not submitted to Yah, but has its own agenda. Genetically, she is just not fit for the purity that God desires. Her impure knowledge and unsubmission to true teaching has shown in the darkness and length of her hair, as well as her stature.

The woman with the shorter stature speaks of her submission and humility. Genetically, it shows in her hair. She is full of light and is fully covered, as the length of her long hair bore witness. As she strolled the court yard, she was not in hot pursuit of me as the other woman was. She had an inbred godliness with contentment. She was lead of her patience, purity and the knowledge of who she was, a pure bride. She was not as the other woman, lead of the flesh and striving. The white grapes she was carrying are her children and represent that which comes out of her.

The special gathering I was on my way to were these pure saints being gathered to share in fellowship. They were not as a mega church. They were a smaller gathering of about 100 people. At the entry, I was greeted by a saint who took my ten dollars I gave him to cover costs and I gave him a tithe, $1 for his serving us. This money I gave him was on white parched paper unlike any earthly money I've seen. The parchness of the paper is money purified in the fire, representing true labor with one's hands and not as the filth of the dirty money that runs thru our present system, full of the blood of saints, war, murder, theft, slave labor and usury. The entrance fee and tithe I gave the gatekeeper was not out of law, but it was given because I naturally wanted to cover the costs of my family and to reward the gatekeeper for his faithfulness and serving us.

Then I greeted my wife at a table with friends. I didn't hang out to dine with her. I was walking around the dining area checking in on my children. In the dream, my heart was so bursting with love for these children. There was definitely some adrenaline pumping out of my heart in the dream, as in my heart leaping out of my chest for these children. This is the love of our King Jesus and our Heavenly Father for his children. So strong is his love for us, that his heart leaps with love, and concern for us.

The young babe and 5 year old child I saw a the food bar eating, are those young “babes in Christ” that are so on the Father's heart. The little hair on the child's head represents time the child needs to grow and mature in the Spirit. Babes need a covering and to dine with children in the Spirit who are older than they, but also within the spiritual family there. The babe with little hair had green glowing eyes. The glowing green eyes of the child represent life and growth. When I saw these two, that is when my heart almost leaped out of my chest for them.

Then, as a Father, my attention immediately went to search out what provisions were prepared for my family and I. This is God's concern for his children, that every need be met.

The buildings were not separated, but were attached 3 story condos. This represents the church, the pure church God desires, not separated, as in detached houses, but united units.

The bottom floor was where the washer, dryer and cleaning area was, which makes sense, with drainage going downward. God showed me this in the dream because children will get dirty. As children in the natural, so to, children in the Spirit will stumble, sin and make mistakes. That is why there was an emphasis on the cleaning area in the dream.

I looked in the main floor rooms and there was a living space and room attached, semi open, full of beds to rest on. There were about 10 or 12 beds next to each other in rows. Everyone in our family was to sleep in the same room on those beds. There would be no division, even in our sleep location. This represents having all things in common, very much, unlike today's church, where one man lives in a mansion and another barely pay the bills and the one who is barely pay the bills is working 10 times harder than the one living in the mansion.

God, thru this dream is challenging us to be pure, but some Christians just don't have the spiritual DNA to be a part of that. They are tainted with tradition instead of truth, partial reformations from a church who still holds to some of its dark age falsehoods and some of which, don't even pursue knowledge for a pure faith, which once was, is and yet, is to come. They seek him with passion, like the first woman with the dark hair, but they do not seek to change, to be pure. They interpret passion to be purity. They put passion and ignorance over truth and purity, for without truth and the word of truth, a bad, false and wormy witness to his name will abound. This is a major problem with today's churches, in all the women who carry the red grapes. God wants a purified church and this dream is baring witness to that.

Healings, miracles, signs and wonders do not make a pure church and the very one's who are the gatekeepers of today's churches are stuck in such a fix, that they can never be a a part of that purified bride that God desires. Their false teachings, false knowledge, false traditions bare witness, though they have a good heart and are saved, they cannot be a part of the purity that the Lord is desiring. They carry the red grapes and they are of the vine of our God, but they are missing it with God on purity. They are still tainted from the church state union of the romanism that polluted the church centuries ago, that also fornicates with the kings of the earth (Rev 17).

Father Yah, thank you for this dream and thank you for the truth and purity of the faith. Father, I pray we would all be pure, not only in heart, but also in knowledge, for I see the false religious knowledge hindering people from coming to you, so much so, that they aren't even a part of the woman with the dark hair. Lord, exalt your pure bride's long hair of light, that all may see her and be attracted to her. Exalt the beauty of her presence so that men might be saved and those who are impure, may see their darkness and repent. Father Yah, gather her children to be a family pure in you, with no concern for numbers, popularity, or what presumptuous religious men, who are tainted, might think. Though those men are used of you for mercy's sake, they are not the gatekeepers of the pure bride you desire. Lord, raise up men and women who will be faithful keepers of the pure at heart, learned, knowledgeable and untainted of mammon. Father Yah, wherever I lack in purity both within of heart and without of knowledge and understanding, please reveal it to me and if you do, I make covenant with you, that I will receive as gold those treasures of the kingdom, so that a pure witness of your Son, might spring forth from me in every way. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ my foundry, Amen!

Thief of the Old Man
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On 6-20-13, I drempt someone had left the door to our home unlocked and a thief was there waiting to break in. He broke in and had a crow bar. I too had a crow bar and we began to fight. I got the upper hand on this man and beat him with the crow bar. I beat him into the basement of the house. From the basement of the house, he grabbed a long sharp object on a pole and began to try to jab me from below. I struggled for a bit to find something that could reach down below to try to stop him. I then found a pole and began to beat him in the basement from above. Finally, he was knocked unconscious and I went below to see if I had killed him or just knocked him unconscious.
When I went below, he was not there. In the dream I was married and my wife came along to inquire of this thief. He had disappeared, but then out of no where he came back, all deformed from me beating him and began again to try to beat me. I then beat him so bad, that the flesh of his skin wasn't there and he looked like a walking corpse. Finally, he was so bloody and bed ridden and my wife was there by his bed side, listening to him compassionately. As the thief laid in a death bed, he was speaking to my wife so eloquently.
During the first part of the fight, I had called the police, but they said they couldn't come, so I had to continue to fight this thief with the crow bar. I was also looking at his car, trying to find the license plate, so I could report him, but never did see what the license plate read.
As my wife stood by the thief in his death bed, he was talking to her, as though he were a wise, polite, Englishman, like an eloquent soft spoken James Bond of some sort. I left them both and went back to the house.
There at the house, it became an apartment. Throughout the dream, the house was, at times, a multi level apartment and at times, a home. As I return home to the apartment/home, a tenant came thru the back door. She was a tenant from below and was a very tall Chinese woman, with short black hair, like my wife's hair was, in the dream.
When I came home, I had found my dog in the kitchen. The previous day, I had beaten my dog and one of the eyes of the dog was all swollen shut and he had nicks and cuts on his face. I looked at him with compassion and asked if he wanted me to feed him. He then walked out of the kitchen and went to the floor below. When I pursued him, he was gushing with tears. Then my wife came from just by the bed side of the thief and was inquiring why I was so hard on the dog.
When I awoke out of this dream, I had no idea what it meant and had to pray pray pray. I knew this dream was from God because I could remember ever detail of it. From prayer, all I could hear at first was "old man" and dog being spelt the opposite of God, then the details with interpretation quickly emerged in prayer so now, by the Spirit, I type it to you.
The thief is metaphorical for "the old man", that former life and old man of sin in whom, the word of God in the scriptures commands us to be dead to, to kill him, to be crucified with Christ, so that Christ might be director of our lives and not the old man of the flesh, who is a thief, stealing our inheritance to come, in the Kingdom.
The wife is the church. The wife in this dream had short black hair and was slightly taller than me. This is similar to that wife of the last dream, from The Pure Bride dream, her height being her exalting herself above me (the husband representing Christ), and short black hair, representing lack of covering (the hair is covering) and its color representing spiritual darkness.
The fight with the thief (the old man) is that struggle we all have or had to go thru to overcome the old sin nature in order to be made new and to walk with Christ in the Spirit. The old man of flesh is always trying to re-emerge to try to kill us. Even after beating him below, he will come at us with anything and everything. We must never give up the fight till he is completely dead!
Beating him above and then beating him below, from the basement and then beating him again in the basement is a representation of three stages of our fight with the old man/sin nature. Many Christians have only beaten the old man into the basement, but he is still alive! We must continue to fight him, as I did in the dream and fight him from above, then go down and make sure he is dead or he will come back to try to kill us! Many Christians are only weakening the thief and are not completely killing him to the point of confining him paralyzed, to his death bed.
He is a thief because he is robbing us of our eternal reward. Each time we give into the flesh and take for ourselves any benefit of this life beyond what we need, we feed the flesh, the old man and each time, he robs from us, from eternal rewards awaiting us. Instead of enjoying simple inexpensive things of this life and giving thanks for that, some Christians are heaping for themselves expensive earthly treasure and calling it “investment”, when it is merely stored in a barn that's going to soon, burn to the ground. They could support orphanages, help individuals struggling to get by, or use it for evangelism, but are not.
I, looking for the license plate on his car and not finding it, is the hidden identity of the old man that can sometimes be hard to discern. Due to the human heart bent on sin, it can perpetuate self deception and identifying parts of the old man to kill him, can sometimes be a challenge.
I, calling the police to come is representive of when we are in the struggle to kill the old man, we can sometimes try to rely on pastors or others or other vices to kill the old man, but they cannot come to help, like as the police. We cannot rely on others. This is a battle that only you with the power of God can fight. You must never do blame shifting for the desires of your own heart that can sometimes resurrect the old man. You must be honest and fight the good fight and kill him or he will steal from you your heavenly reward! Only a truly honest heart and one full of the humility of confession and yielding to the Spirit and the word, can discern every detail of the old man, to kill him.
The crow bar is a tool used by thieves to break in and enter. Tell your old man, “Live by the crow bar? Die by the crow bar!”
My wife in the dream is representive of a part of today's church, having compassion on the thief/old man in his death bed. When my wife (the church) should have been joining me in the fight, she instead, chose to listen to his eloquent, double oo seven words of deceit. The thief does not come openly and appear as a demon sometimes. He often comes in wise words of deception and cloaked in politeness. The church is catering to his death in a way that is prolonging the old man's life. People of God, you must repent and stop prolonging the flesh and catering to the life of the old man! Kill him!
The residence being sometimes an apartment and sometimes our home, is a piece from another dream God gave me called The Shallow Wife, wherein, the church has become a shallow place of commerce, instead of a home for the saints. The wife had degraded the House of God, which was a home, into an apartment and is too concerned with appeasing men and being popular, like in the dream The Shallow Wife.
In this case, my wife's appealing to the old man in his death bed, is catering to the flesh and appeasing men of the flesh in their fallen state, and listening to the words of the eloquent wisdom of men, instead of preaching the cross and killing the thief, the old man/sin nature.
The very tall Chinese woman near the end of the dream, entering the lower apartment door to our place, being a tenant there, speaks both presently and prophetically, as well as spiritually, economically and politically. The woman was very tall with short black hair. The Chinese invasion to come in WW3 is that woman, who will be exalted in the land for a time (represented by the height) and will bring great darkness (represented by her hair). Presently she is just a tenant, but will in due time, be much more. She will rise up from below, like the thief, to test the saints when her time comes and will rise from below to steal, kill and destroy.
The dog I had beaten earlier, is Yah using a word play here, as God backwards, spells dog. This is when we speak opposite of what God says and this is what was going on in the house/apartment, in the church. People are being like dogs, just living for their flesh and my beating the dog from earlier is representive of punishing the dog, the opposite of what God says. My sudden turn of heart in having compassion for the dog, to feed him, was a rebuke to me as well as whoever else needs it; for yesterday, I had gone to the women's disc golf tournament to see if there were a potential wife for me there and to flirt the field to test it; Yah rebuking me in the Spirit for even trying to open that door in my own way when his plans are presently for me to be single.
The dog was gushing a lot of tears and I felt so sorry for the dog in the dream, but that is how the flesh and opposing God is. It's very deceitful and comes in all sorts of tears for itself. Reminds me of the deceitfulness of socialism and how that can ruin a nation economically, but comes in the name of "compassion" and "liberty" and “kindness.” Also like the tears of a child who always cries for junk food. The tears of the dog should never sway us! He is opposite of what God speaks.
Then my wife (the church), asked why I was so hard on the dog. A part of the church is catering too much to and prolonging the death of the old man/thief and the weeping dogs of furry tears of deception, who oppose the Spirit and the word.
This was the hardest thing for me to take, in the dream, the weeping tears of the dog. It was a beautiful dog too, a very nice orange Labrador Retriever, but that also is representive of how hard it is to die to self and put down the things of the flesh and not to yield to its deceitful nature, so that the purposes of God might be fulfilled in you and your heavenly treasure and inheritance might not be stolen by the thief/old man/sin nature.
Father Yah, forgive us for yielding to and entertaining the flesh and its desires. Forgive us for catering to the death bed of the flesh when we should set it on fire and watch it go up in flames of glory as a sacrifice to you and for your purposes, for these are very important years ahead for your planning to use us in this coming end time harvest and only those who've put to death the flesh can be mightily used of you.

Thank you for this dream to convict us with your rod and staff. You want the greatest eternal reward for us your saints, but we must play by the rules. You show no favoritism and the rules of walking in the Spirit a right there, starting in Galatians chapter 5, then as we hear, you growing us into mighty end time warriors of your light, for a war is coming, far greater than our present struggles of the flesh and if we can't see to take this serious now,to prepare, then how will we see when the greater trials come! Oh God, prepare us! 

Thank you for this dream to prepare us and to remind us that we must fight or lose. We must sink or swim. We must work or starve. We must watch or be robbed. We must qwake up, or be asleep and these many dreams you've given have so helped to edify us and prepare us for now and what's to come.

Thank you Father, for you do Father us with conviction, lest we be bastards, unyielding to your words and messages of warning to us. Father Yah, lead us out of temptation and deliver us from the demons who come with such deep deceptions to try us. Let us give no room to the old man who is but a thief and the weeping dogs of furry emotion. Let us be fully firm in pressing on with you! In the mighty name of Jesus Christ our King, amen

Wiring the Church
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On 11-23-13, I drempt I was in a mega church that had just finished being under construction. I was surprised that someone else came along and finished it out. I was the electrician who had wired it (I'm an electrician by trade). I saw power outlets that were finished from my roughing in the wiring. There was a lot of organizing going on as I stroled thru the church to make sure everything electric was working as it should. There was a lot of bustle and excitement in the air. 

Then I walked through a section of the church where there was only african american saints and they were rehearsing for worship. Then I proceeded thru to another section of the church and I began to see many young saints and they were also rehearsing to worship, singing occapella. Each section of the church started singing different parts and they began to come into unity, like different songs sang, but they blended as one into an amazing melody.

As I was mesmerized by the beauty of this worship, I bumped into a little child. At first, I was afraid I had hurt the child's nose or face, but the child was fine and then the parents came along and was gracious towards me and then held the hand of the child to lead him. 

I felt isolated some in the dream because I did not know anyone in it and it was as though I was unknown and not a part of it in any indepth way, but just an observer, even though I had wired it.


In this dream God is showing us how we are called to build. This dream also has a double layered message. I am myself in this dream, but as the Lord also.

I am a part of roughing in, similar to someone who sows, but does not reap the benefits of his church. The church is not a building, but are people. It is people who make up the church. I am an evangelist who plows, sows and waters. Someone else comes along to finish and enjoy the house. In this dream, God is speaking to me that most people, when there is a house, only want to move into it and enjoy it. They don't want to do the hard work of plowing, building and roughing in the house. They just want the benefits of it. So it is with some of today's church.

There was once division in the church and being sectioned, like when I saw the african american section of the church, but now a true unity has been in play, as the saints have been coming together in a unifying worship and being one in Christ. This is a very high value the Lord places on unity with his people.

The child I bumped into was symbolic of my concerns of hurting the spiritual children with the qwakeup message because of its strong drink and meaty word, but was assured of the parents of the child that no damage was done. I will bump into young ones on this prophetic watchman path I walk. I should be careful not to walk too quick, but to be tuned into worshipping as I slowly and lightly walk in God's house, so I don't hurt the little ones who are still growing and are not ready for the meat of the word.

The isolation I felt in the dream is how the Lord himself feels at times inside his church because some of his people are not even noticing him as he stroles thru the church. The little ones sometimes see the Lord more than the ones who are so busy. They bump into him and their eyes are opened.

The isolation is also my present relationship with the church of today. This is part of the calling of being a prophetic watchman. It goes with the turf. The church does not like this qwakeup message. It is hard to swallow for people who've bought into distant plans for the future, when time is soon, going to run out.

One sows, another reaps. One roughs in, another trims out. Others just move in. Those who reap enjoy all the benefits of the house. Often, those who plow and rough in, are the unknowns, that those who just moved in, think nothing of. But those who rough in are not to worry. They do the hard work of plowing and will be rewareded more than those who reap because those who reap, already receive a measure of reward. Those who plow often do not. So it will be at the resurrection. The Pastors will be rewarded for trimming the house and the real front line soldiers, the hidden ones, the backers, the intercessors, missionaries and evangelists will be given a greater reward because they do the job that gets no reward or attention in this life, but is often, much more difficult.
There are some Pastors and ministers who will be getting the greater reward because they are as janitors, cleaning up everyone else's spiritual crap. There are some Pastors who will not be getting as great a reward because they have someone else appointed to cleaning up the crap. Those minsters who reap all the benefits of this life, receiving honor in the church, special attention, fat pay checks, expensive clothing, over indulging in large houses and expensive things, they shall receive much less of a reward than those who suffer for the gospel.

And those member of the body that we think less honorable we clothe with greater honor, and our less respectable members are treated with greater respect (I Cor 12:23).

I speak to those who are in the Spirit and understand as they should, because there are many in the church who swallow the blue pill of the matrix of lies, who think the popular money made marketing arm of the church is God prospering them. They see with the eyes of the flesh and not with the eyes of the Spirit. They are still carnal and untested in the measures of poverty, self denial, trials, fastings, persecution and hard times which are soon to come and this word will be proven to them when the system crashes and yet, they are caught building with funds ill appropriated for the times.

This dream was given to awaken us to gain a spiritual sensetivity, to increase our understanding. Even though he wired it, The Lord Jesus feels isolated in his church at times as he stroles thru his church unnoticed, as the people are so busy bustling about the house of the present and giving the equipping to only those who reap, while the plowers, who paved the way of their past and built toward their future, go illequipped for the next harvest of souls.

Oh God! Awaken your people to see how you are building and to give honor to the hidden ones who do not strive for attention and to look away from those who do. Why does your church so look to pastors and leaders as little sheep when you want to make us all an army of one, to empower all of us to be strong and fully mature in understanding? I pray for the shepherds that they would see as you see, that they would build as you build, that they would not hog attention unto themselves as though they are the man.

Keep the children in the pews and they will never grow out of their shoes!

Oh God! Open their eyes to see, this does not bring life, but spiritual sleep! Awaken your saints to plow, to rough in, to sow in faith, for there are many more who reap than sow. There are many more who want the benenfits instead of building the infrastructure to the benefits. There are many more who want to “go to church” instead of spreading the gospel. Let every child who is yours grow up to become an army of one, readied and prepared for the hard trials to come because the time comes when the infrastructure of benefits will be torn down and all that will be left, is what is real in Christ!

Everything not built upon the rock, will be torn down!

WW3 & the Police State
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On 1/12/14, I drempt I was travelling thru America. I was on the run because just about everyone had become drugged and brainwashed and people were being arrested for resisting this brainwashed/drugged state that was going on. The scene switched and I was inside a house and was trying to pretend I was a part of this brainwashed/ drugged state so I wouldn't be noticed. Thru the windows of the house, I was watching people all over the streets walking around in this brainwashed state. In this dream, there was also something that was going on about the confiscation of people's gold.

Then the scene switched again and I was driving a vehicle and some people were after me and it was a car chase, but then, I crashed my vehicle trying to escape those who were brainwashed. This car scene was in a rural farm land area and after getting out of the crashed vehicle, my pursuers who seemed to be ordinary citizens and not police, were chasing me on foot. I was juking them with some nifty moves and we all wound up on a small farm.

Then I saw a bear and a dog and I was running from them. I heard the growl of the bear from behind me and then heard the dog growling as in capturing, pulling and tearing into a prey. I looked back and a friend was being torn into by the dog. The dog had his leg and was pulling and tearing into my friend's leg. Then seconds later he got freed from the dog, as he had one of his children in his arms with the other little one near by watching what we were seeing.

When he got freed of the grip of the dog's mouth tearing into his leg, he was limping really badly because the dog had tore into his leg pretty thoroughly. The bear and dog had left, but my friend was then limping very badly to a resting spot, with his child in his arm. I and his other child together were joining him to see how bad the damage was.


With the great troubles soon to come, America is going to become a more severe police state and many of the people are going to become brainwashed by this and begin to persecute one another. This was the chaos I was seeing all around me. It is interesting to note that God sees the police state as a drugged brainwashing of the populace.

There was something about the confiscation of gold in the dream, which was the seizing of assets because of the terrible times that had hit the nation and because of the orders of those in power who were loosing control. The brainwashed people of the police state were seizing assets, not necessarily focused on gold itself and I'm not sure how this is going to manifest itself in the future, but this speaks of the severe economic collapse to come.

Running from the police state was difficult, as the chase in the dream testified, because so many people were drug like brainwashed into partaking in it. Many Americans are already prepared and seduced for this to happen and they don't even know it because they buy into what their TV tells them thru the controlled, socially engineered news streams and because of their strongly bonded attachment to this life.

The car chase wound us up in rural farm land and this is a warning to those in rural areas, that even there, the police state will extend itself and you'll not know who you can trust in such a trying time to come.

The bear and the dog represent WW3 to come, after the police state. The bear is Russia and the dog is China. This coincides with the prophet Jonah Ben Noah's physically manifested vision, Russia being the bear and China being the dog or wolf..... right now, this second, as I type, it is 1:58AM and I am suddenly interrupted by the hearing of a bunch of dogs or a wolf pack loudly howling near by in the woods, as a physically manifested sign and testimony of this. WoW! What timing!

The dog was black in color, as the darkness of persecution will cover this land. The dog tearing into my friend's leg is representive of what Russia and China are going to do to this nation. China and Russia are going to tear into this nation, like the dog tearing into my friend's leg, immobilizing the nation. WW3 will severely cripple this nation and she will be greatly wounded.

Father Yah! Help us your children to know what to do and to be in the right place at the right time for what's to come. We know ultimately, no matter what happens, soon after these events, Jesus comes to make all things new and to raise us to glory. Help all those who are yours to discern the times and to prepare. Help us to help one another make it thru the trying times to come. Let your ever enduring love and strength in us, compel us to lay down our lives for one another, especially when the need is the greatest. Help us to stay focused on your peace in the midst of the storm and to know beyond any wind, wave or shaking to come, that our names are written and the glory to come is ours as we endure in faith to the end. Let us know and see, that without you we can do nothing that would last into the resurrection and that our dreams of a distant future in this life are but a vain thing, because you are coming to make all things new. Thankyou Father Yah for the strong meat of your word. It is not so pleasant, but it is needful for the body and to get us refocused and stirred up to see, you kingdom is coming and not to be caught up in the fools economy of prosperity which is coming to an end soon, for our riches lie with you and not with what we have here on earth. Bless all those who believe and stir them with this word to prepare for what's to come. Prosper them in the work of their hands, to have in the time of the greatest need to come. Amen

In Christ, Weather,

The Great Whitewash
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On 2/9/14, I drempt I was in the woods and a large size herd of deer came trampling thru the woods. I stopped to watch the stream of deer go by and near the end of the stream of dear, was a huge black horse. This horse was about 3 times the size of a normal horse size and the horse came up to me. I was a bit fearful of the horse because of its large size, but it was not angry at me or hostile, so I petted the horse gently.

Then the scene switched and some people who's house I was watching came back and all these sherrifs and authorites came into the house/office and opened up their safe, emptied it of gold and paper assets and were falsely accusing me of not being trustworthy to be around their riches, so they emptied their safe of assets and commanded me that while they were gone, to paint the house, but they had no intent of returning. I had become a prisoner to them inside the house. It was cold and I complained of needing heat, but also heat for the paint to dry properly. They finally agreed and I got my wish for heat for the house.


The herd of deer running wildly are the troubles to come that are going to stir great unrest, like the deer running fearfully in the herd I saw. These deer were stirred up by trouble coming and so, in the same way, the souls of those without Christ are going to be on the run. The big black horse is death coming to this land. Death will be huge in this land and the great blackness of darkness is coming.

The horse, when I saw him, was huge and bit frightful to me, but the horse was friendly towards me. Those holy living in Christ have no reason to fear the big black horse. Death has no power over us and we should not fear it.

The house I was watching was America and her authorities were fearful of death taking their riches. This is their fear of the word of the Lord to them because they trust in the riches of this life, are living a life of sin and selfishness and are fearful for their lives. They do not trust me because I was with the black horse and have the message of death coming to this land because America has not repented. They falsely accuse in the times of great trouble as a scape goat to preserve their false security and the illusions in which they live under, based on their perishing earthly riches. They are as animals, on the run and sensless to the riches above.

My becoming a prisoner inside their house is a warning from the Lord that because of the huge death events coming to this land, martial law and a police state will arise and some people will become prisoners of the police state. They will become a prisoner inside the house (america) and will not be able to escape the country.

The Sheriff wanting me to paint the house is a whitewash. The authorities will try to paint calmness in the time of great turmoil, but will fake it and move their riches out of the house (off shore). They will not even want to pay for heat so the paint would properly dry, but only whitewash it with paint; they will give (the heat) to do just enough to keep some calm so they can escape with their riches. In the dream, they had no intent of returning to the house. They knew greater destruction was coming and ran away with their riches.

Father Yah, we know by the book of Revelation, a time of great trouble is coming and you have shown some of us the blessing of great trouble, in that, it awakens people to the true everlasting riches of your kingdom to come soon after, but a fear and terror for those without Christ, who are the prisoners of death, gold and paper assets. Father Yah, I pray your children would be made strong to see, that when these great troubles come, to look up and rejoice because our redemtiom draws nigh.

Lord we pity the fools of earthly riches where the fires to come are going to consume. I thank you for this dream as a reminder that we should not be so attached to this life because we have an inheritance in Christ that far exceeds any riches here on earth and for that, we give you praise and await with great joy, your coming!
Amen, Weather,

Power Over The Chill of Death
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On 2-14-14 I drempt I was on a job as an electrician with my present work supplier. There were 2 other electricans working on the job who were really sloppy in their work and had cut holes in the wall were an electrical plug box should go that were hacked and sloppy. I was walking thru the house which had fancy lights and it turned into a commercial display store which also had furniture they were selling. I remember a very tall table and chairs and the hanging lights at this table were almost hitting the head of the people who were sitting in the chairs contemplaiting buying them.

Then another electrician came in and fixed the sloppy work from the other electricians and the place was finished of roughing in the wiring accept for a few circuits. Then I went into a lower level of the place and a former employer was there repairing some industrial equipment. I accidentally hit some machinery equipment and the machine turned on and began to move. I didnt know what to do to turn it off and the machinery was coming towards me. I was afraid it would crush me. Someone then turned it off.

Then I was lead outside into the city streets. It was my old home of Philadelphia. It was a very busy bussing center and there were a lot of dark people. I was a bit frightful, being around a culture and people I was not used to. I was attempting to sit down in a chair and a dark man was there. I apologized for disturbing his seating and he asked me for some spare change. I said “sure bro” and gave him some change. I had a little change left and was concerned that I had enough for the bus. I felt for my wallet and it was missing. I then had fear and dread come over me. Then I felt for it again and it was there and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then I was wondering how to get to my destination (or home) because I didn't know where I was, but knew what question to ask for what place to go, so I proceeded to look for a bus driver who would tell me what bus to catch to get there. As I did this, I wondered thru the busing area a bit before I could find a bus driver. When I saw one coming, it was a dark lady driving the bus, but suddenly, the bus turned into a white lady with blonde hair on a horse. The horse had fallen with the lady on it and immediately, the horse and lady on it sprang up from the fall, but then fell back to the ground again and as they fell back to the ground again I could see the lady's leg broken all the way thru, by the shin.

I then went to her rescue to help her and she layed on some grass unable to walk becaue of the broken leg. I immediately went to this girl who had fallen off the horse and another gentleman had come to her as well who was wearing army colored clothing. I began to pray to lay my hands on her and pray healing for her leg. The girl was going into shock and starting to shrivel to keep warm. The other guy there with the army clothes had turned into death and I commanded death to leave and with some fuss and rebuke, he left. I then woke up out of the dream just out of that scene with rebuking death and then awake, was consciously still rebuking death and a sudden wave of physical chills had left me as I rebuked death. I could feel the chills in a wave depart from my physical body, as though the chills had represented death, as a God given, physicially manifested sign of backing this dream.


My being an electrician on the job is being one who is installing of spiritual light. The other workers who had come in, who's work was really sloppy are other christians who's spiritual work was unsatisfactory to the Lord and they failed to pay attention to detail and where spiritually as hacks. The electrical boxes they had cut into the plywood walls with a saw zaw had big gaps where a cover plate could not hide the gaps they had cut. The damage to the walls is a testament to their damaging the witness of Jesus.

The house that had turned into a commercial display is the church. She was once a home for saints, but has now turned into a commercial institution of selling furnishings. The furniture I saw was a very tall table and chairs with the lights almost hitting their head. This is the church furnishing height to heaven and getting people closer to the light of God. The people contemplating buying the furnishings of the church are the souls of people who are trying the church, but are just commercial shoppers and not committed builders. So it is with many Christians today.

The electrcian who came in and fixed the sloppy work of the other electricans is a fellow worker in Christ, who got it right in the gospel and corrected the mistakes made who also helped finish the wiring. So too, in God's house (the church) are good faithful workers, but also sloppy workers who cause damage to the souls of others with their religious works. They are as hacks, insensitive and not paying attention to detail.

Going into the lower level of the building and seeing the industrial equipment is that part of the church who's foundation is an industrial institution and structured as such . A part of her has become a commercialized institution with its structure made for its own works and machinery. My accidentally turning on some industrial equipement is my relationship to this part of the church. I don't know here operations and machinery and am not relating to it because she is not structured and building properly.

Being in the bus station is about my destiny, calling and plans God has with me. The bus station is the area of catching the right bus to our destination. We are in darkness until we catch the right bus and know where we are going. My attempt to sit down in a chair represents resting at the bus station; God showing me, there is no time for that and to be always on the move to seek out what that bus of destiny is. The guy in the chair asking for spare change shows the spiritual poverty of one who sits in such a chair of procrastination, when they should be on their feet looking for that God destined bus of high calling in Christ.

In the dream, the dark people at the bus station were not moving much, but were hanging out at the bus station. The people being dark, speaks of their spiritual condition when entertaining the procrastination and not praying and seeking God for how they are to serve him.

I had a bit of fear, being in that place of searching and gave away some money to the person in that chair of procrastination because of fear. Fear is an emotion that many saints go thru in that dark place of not knowing what their destiny or calling is, being in a strange place and in a culture and a people who are not the same. My fear had caused me to loose some bus money and to give away some of this exchange in sponsorship of one who was in procrastination. We should never think it is love to support one who is in the chair of procrastination, but at the same time, we need to support those who have not yet found their destination in Christ. With humility, we need to speak correction, life, destiny and purpose to them, so they will get out of that chair of procrastination and move onto finding the bus of their high calling in Christ.

My feeling for my wallet and it not being there is a fear of not having provision to board the bus of destination. My feeling for it again and it being there is a financial recovery for me personally, but also a second effort we should all take to make sure the provision is safe and secured for the destination. Never operate out of presumption. When God gives the vision, he will bring the provision. When seeking for the right bus, he will give it to us.

My not knowing where I was is the state of many of us. We should never let the present state keep us from seeking our future state. Even though I didn't know where I was, I knew where I was to go and what question to ask and that's what's most important to keep in focus. Proceeding to look for a bus driver to ask these questions was the time that sometimes goes by in seeking that calling or destiny out. Don't let time stop you from continually seeking, asking and knocking. The answer will come.

My seeing a bus driver and then it turning into a lady on a horse who had a fall is of the future still to come. For others, it may be something they've already gone thru, but this is speaking to me personally of my future calling. I believe that lady with the blonde hair on the horse is California who will experience events that are going to break her leg and send her into shock. I'm speaking the California tsunami, then mega quake that will throw her off the horse, break her leg and send her into shock. The horse's attempt to get back up from the fall then fall again will be California's fate. This is the bus of destiny I'm dealing with personally, to minister to the people (the woman) of California who are going to face brokeness and shock from what's to come, but also the rest of the nation as well, at a later time.

The guy who had army colored clothing is the military who will come to help California's many wounded and displaced people, and a short time of minstry will take place, to heal those broken, but soon after these events, death will come to this land and to much of our armed forces. As Christians we have power over death. This was represented by me rebuking death and it fleeing.

In several of these dreams, God has backed them with physically manifested signs and getting chills leaving me in a sudden wave of rebuking death is he backing this dream with a physically manifested sign.

Father Yah

I rejoice that in Christ alone, our names are written in the Lamb's book of life and that we have power over death. Thank you for this dream as a reminder that we should never sit in the seat of procrastination when it comes to our destiny and calling in life, but to seek it out to get there with all our hearts.

Father, those who are hacks inside your church, I pray they would learn humility and to correctly represent you in the work of the gospel. I pray everyone who comes here to read would do some serious spiritual inventory and you would reveal to them personally what needs to change. Give them true wisdom from above. Turn your church from commercialism to community. Turn her from the industry of her own works to what you have called her to be, a true home for the saints and not a place of funishings and machinery that a part of her has become.

Father, help us in our personal calling, to catch the right bus, to ask the right questions, to seek out the bus and not be satisfied until we find that calling and spiritual work to which you have called us to. Let us never entertain the chair of procrastination, but to be diligent in all things and in all detail of not our work, but your work in us. Amen

The Prison Camp
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On 3-13-14, I drempt I was a prisoner inside an outdoor prison camp. I saw a very quick court trial where someone was railroaded thru the trial and put in this camp for the most minor offense. We were held in this prison camp without knowledge of how long we were to be there. Many of the people were held prisoner there without even having a trial.

Then we had conspired on how to break out of the prison and this plan of escape began by a couple of the prisoners with a bad reputation going into the outdoor kitchen area where they should'nt have, then two others there starting a fight. In the midst of all this comotion and chaos, a bomb had exploded in the prison away from us. Then two prisoners had made a run for it, to escape. Then others began to make a run for it. The guards pursued us.

I hopped over a fence still inside the prison and tried to blend into what had turned into the night time darkness. I was holding a square pillow that was light in color against my black clothes and I thought it would give me away as I was hiding in the night.

Then the guards gave up pursuing the prisoners and they and the undercovers they had began to leave the outdoor prison. The undercovers they had were all sorts, even teenagers. One by one, they began to come thru a gate behind that fence I was blending into with the night time darkness. Now dawn began to set in and I layed by the entry to this fence as they came thru. Then it seemed everyone of them came thru, but little did I realize, one guard who knew me was standing at the entry staring at me. I finally looked up at him staring me down and in his look, he knew that I was one of the good prisoners, not guilty of anything that should make one a prisoner. In his look, there was also a surrender and defeat and the prison guards and undercovers had to leave so they wouldn't be found to be conspirators by the public. They all boarded buses and left.

I also saw a walmart store sign over some steep inverted V shaped house roof tops beyond the street in a distance that I thought the escaped prisoners would be able to blend in with. So I went towards that commercial area after the guards had left and wanted to tell someone of this conspiracy against us.

The scene switched and I was in the midst of some high tower apartments where the Walmart was. Everyone was living in these high tower apartments and not in houses. I then went into the lobby of one of these buildings and many people were glued to their tv sets, oblivious to what was happening with the outdoor prison. I then looked thru the pictures of the tenants in a book as though I were trying to find a friend. Everyone living there had pictures of themselves in this book, with their apartment number, like there was no privacy. Searching thru the pictures, trying to find friends, everyone I was looking at in the book had a darkness over them.

Then I came to a picture of some friends from Oregon I knew who were from a church I used to attend. We were in this picture playing music and the picture came alive as a video. I was lead guitar player in this picture video and at first, I couldn't pick up on the scale mode of the song we were playing and the band knew it, but then, I switched the key we were in and went up a step and began to play lead well.

Then from the pictures was a girl in the high tower apartent lobby that I recognized and she recognized me and I pulled her aside to tell her the secrets of the prison camp and then other friends arrived to hear what I had to say. They were in unbelief of what I was telling them and told them we could go to what was the prsion just a few blocks away and we would see evidence of it, though the guards there had cleaned the area up well to not leave any evidence, I could show them the worn down ground it was on.

Soon, the US is going to face a terrible economic crash and soon after, outdoor camps are going to be used to house people, but it will be a prison. Criminals and people who are innocent will be forced to live together at those camps. The smallest offence will imprison people there without a trial in many cases, held there without knowing how long they will be there.

There will be a revolt inside the prison, metaphor as a revolt inside the nation, for not only will there be outdoor prison camps, but the nation will be as a prison as well, when the prison of fear, lack and criminals will grip many hearts at that time.

My laying by the fence trying to blend into the darkness of the night is wisdom from the Yah, that this would be the best escape at that time, just to blend and don't try to appear as a revolutionary or rebel because the purpose is not to try to overthrow the criminal activities of the authorities (they have all the guns), but to be aware of it and make others aware, so they too, can have the wisdom to stay out of those prisons and know what's going on.

The light colored pillow I had, which I thought would give me away represents the comforts of this life. Holding to that, the comforts of this life, could wind you up in the prison of fear and hopelessness because it is going to get really uncomfortable when the collapse occurs. If you're really in Christ, we're not supposed to be too attached to any of this anyway.

The Walmart sign I saw in the distance beyond the inverted V shaped roof tops and in the same area as the high tower apartments is what is happening economically and socially. Because of the Walmarts and other huge corporations monopolizing the markets, it is leading us down the path of socialism, where people no longer can afford to live in houses, but are stuck living in cheap high tower apartments. This is why Walmart was in the same place as the high rise apartments.

The people inside the high towers, glued to their tv sets is a matrix that is holding the people in deception and ignorance. This is why I saw a darkness over all the people in the pictures of the tennants I was looking thru. Their TVs were keeping them in darkness and entertained in deception.

The picture that became a video of friends and I playing music speaks of my past and how I was not playing the music of my friends who were deceived. I couldn't play the song their way. Then I made the decision to play what I knew to play and then it sounded good, though the rest of the band of friends didn't catch onto it in the picture/video. I was lead guitarist in the band becaue God is making me that, to try to open the eyes of those who are deceived, but the band is not playing the song they should. This is what is happening inside the church. They are playing in the wrong scale mode and the wrong key. It was the right tune, but they were in the wrong key and wrong scale mode. They are playing the tune from the former way and not what is presently and going to be coming to pass. We must move by the Spirit according to the times and not be stuck with the leadership of the past who move according to past habits developed who continue inside the church with funds and leadings that are ill appropriated for the times. They must, in the Spirit, start playing in the right scale mode and come up a step higher to the right key.

Finally, trying to convince friends that there is a conspiracy going on in this nation is falling on the deaf ears of unbelief. They are so influenced by the talking heads on their TVs and their social living as in high tower apartments, that they could not even recognize the outdoor prison camp just a few blocks away from them that is developing. The signs are everywhere, but my friends are not looking. The church is tunnel visioned by their tv sets and by the controlled Christian publishing industry to what is really going on in prophecy.

In due time, the global strong man, the US, the policeman of the world, is going to be bound, then crippled, then badly beaten. This will free up Russia and China to make their moves of global dominance in WW3. God continues to warn this nation, but the people are under the strong wine of Babylon and their drunkeness inside the matrix of lies has them thoroughly under delusion of what's to come upon them.

But you oh friend, can escape. The escape is to expect it all to crash and burn and know that Jesus Christ is the true escape and anything that is lasting riches, are all in HIM! Realizing its all gonna crash and burn soon can prepare you to let go and not be so attached to this life, because Christ returns soon after to give us a new, glorified body that never gets tired and sick and the glory we have that awaits us would make these Hollywood exalted fools of Babylon on TV something to pity!

He who endures to the end, shall be saved (Matt 24:13)

Behold, he comes with the clouds and every eye shall see him and they also who pierced him and all nations of the earth shall wail because of him.... (and Heaven says...) even so, AMEN (Revelation 1:7)

Eye has not seen, nor has the ear heard, nor as it entered the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love him (I Cor 2:9).
In Christ, Weather,

Preparing For The Season
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On 3/24/14, I drempt I was in a crowd of frisbee players who were watching try out competitions to see who could catch the difficult frisbree throws that were being made. I was in the back of the crowds of about 60 or 70 guys there watching in try outs.

Suddenly, the frisbee was thrown wildly and it came to me and I made a spectacular catch, catching it in my arm joint at the elbow. Then another wild throw and I made an amazing grab of the disc again. The other players there were really impressed at the catches I was making. It was like the disc just kept coming to me, though I was in the back of the crowd of players, just in a stand by mode.

Then the scene switched and I was chatting with coach Jeff Fisher (of the St Louis Rams). He was describing how he wanted to use me in a pulling situation to create havoc to get to the ball. The coach had a lot of confidence in me. When with him, I was wearing a big straw cowboy hat. I had an excitement and confidence of playing on the team and getting ready for the season to begin.

Then the scene switched again and I was done my meeting with coach Fisher and on the ground by me were some thorns someone had set there which I had to walk around. The thorns almost snagged my lower calf as I walked by them.


This dream is about the Lord preparing me for the season of ministry he's giving me. The wild throws represent how things are going to get crazy and out of control soon, but the word of this ministry is going to be there to catch the frisbee before it falls, the word, to catch people before they fall. The disc is also as The WORD and the prophetic word will appear wild and out of place, as were the throws of the frisbee, because destruction comes suddenly without expectation. The disc kept coming to me because the word is wanting to make it's mark thru me to get the attention the word of God deserves, though in ministry, I'm considered nothing by those in the church who are in the front of the crowds, striving for ministry. Being in the back in stand by mode, I am not striving and don't need to. The Lord knows those who he has plans with.

Coach Fisher is coach fisher of men. This is God's way, as in other football dreams he's given me, telling me how he wants to use me to get to the ball, the word of God, so to move it in the right direction, because much of the church is not preparing their people with the word properly, because of the massive destructions that are soon coming, which the church is contrary to. The churches of quarterbacks are soon going to loose the ball when the great destructions to this nation begin and getting to the ball, the word, is wanting. Pulling me, while the others push is a stategic positioning by the Lord to use me to get to the ball, the word and carry it for that time to come, because the quarterbacks in the church are going to get sacked by the great troubles coming because they've resisted the prophets, and watchmen and did not prepare.

The big cowboy hat made of straw is a symbol of confidence and authority, but also short lived, that the lord is entrusting me with, like a leader to get attention to his prophetic word for this day. The hat was big because this calling is going to be significant for the people to awaken. The hat made of straw and not of something more long lasting and durable is a reminder that this prophetic evangel work will be short lived because this qwakeup word of prophecy for the US will be coming to pass quickly.

The preparation and council by Coach Fisher is the Spirit getting me ready for the season of prophetic evangel ministry. The thorns are a warning to me, to stay humble and watch out for anything that might snag me before the season begins. The enemy will try to ensnare me, but the Lord has confidence in me, which is a great encouragement to me to prepare.

I am looking to see if Yah times the provision and preparation for this time of ministry, to correlate it with the football pre-season coming up.

Father Yah, Lord Jesus, thank you for this dream! I am encouraged to prepare for the season of ministry you have for me coming soon. As you showed me in 3 other dreams, I know you will provide for it as well and I look forward to the provision for what's ahead to bring attention to your word. Thankyou for having confidence in me and getting me ready. Thankyou for counting me faithful for this purpose. I do not make light of it. Keep me from the thorns and entrapments of the cares of this world and the flesh, and quicken me to see when the branches of thorns are coming at me, to stay humble and to avoid all issues that would divert me from the focus of the purpose and the harvest coming thru your word. Amen!

The US Rental
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Note: To gain full understanding of this, reading to the end, including the notes at the bottom, will be needed. Take a deep breath and spend some time with God on this one.

On 4-4-14 I drempt I was alone at an old rental house I used to live at for 9 years. Throughout those years I had many roomates that had come and gone. I was there visiting it from former roomates who had partially cleaned it out for moving. In this dream I was a temp manager to make final preparations to move out. The main floor of the house had a final cleanout to be readied to be given back to the owners, but the roomates failed to clean out the garage and the downstairs.

Then there was a sudden knock on the door from a former roomate. He urgently knocked loudly several times and he thought no one was home, but I then reluctantly opened the door. His name was Victor and he was just released from jail on some non criminal charges and was needing a place to stay. I let him in but informed him that the place was being given back to the owners very soon.

Then other roomates I had throughout the years began to show up and were filling the main floor of the house. I informed them that they needed to pay the final month's rent and to wrap things up to move out and that they did not finish cleaning because the downstairs and garage was left dirty and full of stuff. They listened to me very impatiently like little children and wanted to move on to play some kind of social game with one another, but I had to interupt their game to push them to take care of their responsibilities with moving out.

There was a female roomate there as well, who was not supposed to be there, but she was, because our house policy was, males only. She was of the final set of roomates in the house living there, that was supposed to move out.

I asked them all a question. “I need to pay the final month's rent on this place. $900 for rent is needed. How many of you can pay $100 towards this?” I counted 13 hands that went up with just a few others who knew they couldn't pay the $100 to move out. Then I asked them who could pay now and not one of them volunteered to pay. Then they quickly moved on with their social game they were playing.


This dream is a metaphor for being ready to leave the US because of the massive destructons and WW3 that is soon coming to her. The rental house that is being readied to move out of, is the US.

I being a temp manager am a voice annointed to remind the saints that this house, the US, with a few exceptions, needs to be moved out of if one is to escape WW3 and the destructions coming to her.

The former roomate Victor ( btw, never had a roomate named Victor) is metaphorical for believers who are victors in Christ, but are unprepared. Victor just being released from jail is when, brethren who will suffer in the economic collapse, will all the more make them unprepared to leave and will be so dependant on and look to this house, the US, for shelter, but it will not be able to be that for them at that time. The pre WW3 trouble of economic collapse will entrap many in the jail of debt and will cause people all the more to not be able to leave the house to have another place to go (out of the country) for shelter. Victor's urgency in his knock will be fear that will play upon believers at that time of great trouble because the pastors are not preparing the brethren. They are ignoring the prophets and watchmen to preserve the former works and not the present works of the Spirit, to make us prepared.

The house was not ready - The roomates who did not clean the downstairs is typical of many Christians who will not be ready and are not willing to take care of what is needed to move out. The downstairs being dirty and full of stuff were brethren who had wordly possessions of “prosperity” holding them back from moving out. They cleaned the main floor, but not the downstairs, meaning, they had cleaned their lives from sin in the more noticable main floor, but in the less noticable downstairs, there were hidden things that were holding them back from being completely free to move out; materialism, vain attachments, games and plans and goals, debt, coveteousness and some of the dirt that goes with such worldly pursuits.

The garage full of junk and vain possessions is how brethren are towards that place that is used for preparing to move out. A garage is for storing a vehicle to move, but they treated the garage as a place to store stuff. Brethren are missing the purpose and proper use of the garage, a place to launch from, not a storage center of vain attachments.

The roomates, brethren in Christ, did not want to hear from me (really, the word of the Lord to this nation). They were as children, immature and only wanted to play games and not listen to what was needed to do to move out. So it is within God's church.

The female roomate who was there, but wasn't supposed to be there, and was of the final set of roomates of the house, is a message to us, that when the final time for the US comes, we are not supposed to be here, but many will, as the female roomate.

When asking who had the final month's rent of just $100 to move out, most of them said they did, but none volunteered to pay the price. So it is, when the time comes to move out, these brethren will not be willing to pay the price to move out. They will not be seeing their need to clean out the rest of the house, get rid of their worthless stuff and stop playing their childish games. God is seeing them in this dream as little children with childish games because they are not willing to do what is needed to be prepared for what's to come. Most of them had more than enough money to gather to pay the final price, but were not willing and didn't see the urgency to wrap things up to move out.

The few there who did not raise their hands for volunteering to pay the final rent to move out, were the ones who were honest and recognized their need, that they couldn't make the final payment. So it is, only a few will get honest before God about this house that needs to be moved out of, while the majority will not. We must recognize that the US is just a rental house and final payment must be made if we are going to escape. This nation is no place to call a home. She is soon going to be faced with foreclosure when the ponzi economy collapses and from the great destructions coming to her and then, WW3, when our enemies will take full advantage of us, to kick us when were down.

Oh God! I pray for my brethren, that they would see their need to leave this house. They are not seeing the signs of the times and the urgency to get prepared. They are doing the opposite and are becoming attached to the house! They can't see their need to begin to clean out and to get rid of their worthless stuff. Oh God, what can I do? Oh God, what will you do to awaken them? Oh God, please, shake your people with warnings! Grant them grace to have ears to hear. They have become so conditioned by the present wine and slumber of these big pharma economics and TV fool yesmen.

Awaken! Awaken! You who slumber! Why will you call a rental a home? Why would you become so attached to a place of dirt, vanity and destruction? Why would you sink all your eggs into a basket of holes?

Oh Lord, prepare those who did not raise their hands in illusion. Prepare those who see their true need. Prepare those who are getting honest at heart and help them to re-appropriate their livelyhood for the times. Make us ready with wings of an eagle to escape this land of destructon!

In the mighty name of Jesus, amen, Weather,

P.S.- Maybe a few are called to stay, but most will wish they had left this US Rental, when the infrastructure is bombed and living becomes harsh. The realities of war and the fear that goes with it, as well as people being unwillingly recruited to fight, will then birth the fullness of the reality of this dream. With a few exceptions, such as in remote locations, no US home in such dire conditions is worth holding onto, especially in suburbia, when one could make plans to escape to Australia, India, South America or, some other land that will not be in the war zones.

We also have a Jubilee Year Sabbath coming up and the house needing to be prepared to return to the owners in this dream is a cue, of a major portion of the jubilee law found in Leviticus 25, property returning to original owners. This Jubilee Year Sabbath speaks of the economic collapse coming, a seising of economic activity, a sabbath rest, which we believe the prophetic signs are telling us, is coming at the end of summer of 2015. The major prophetic signs of this are here.
The Oblivious Economic Fate

On 6/22/14, I drempt I was serving a beautiful woman. I found myself nelt down collecting dirt she was sweeping into the dust pan I was holding. Thoughts were that I was in love and going to marry this woman, yet couldn't presently have her, because she was already married. Then, in thru the front door came her happy husband, home from a day of work. I then greeted him heartily as he walked thru the front door.

Immediately after waking from this dream, I said no way, this is adultery! This aint right, but after some time of innitial reaction, the Lord began to speak the interpretation.

The woman I am serving is the church, his people. I am serving her in the low place and trying to clean, with her, in a small way, some of the dirt that's been in the house.

My thoughts of love for this woman and marrying her is that her husband, the provider, the economy, is going to die soon and this will then, leave her free to re-marry. I will then be married to the church and will then be a part of providing for her, as God provides. I will be married to this woman the church, but right now, I am just serving her, but not married to her. I cannot be married to her at this time because she is married to the US economy and the vain hopes, pursuits and dreams that are attached to it, but soon, her husband is going to die, and the hopes, pursuits and dreams of it and then, we will be married to the true reality, that the only true hope and dream is the Kingdom to come! For I and the Lord cannot make true marriage covenant in substance with a woman who has vain dreams, pursuits and hopes, tied to this economy, soon to crash and burn.

I greeted the husband walking thru the door heartily because I was glad that the economy is doing well and the provider is there for the wife, for I know how hard and stressful life can be in a bad economy!

As the husband walked thru the door, he was happy after his day of work, as a person who is oblivious to his fate. So too, are the people of today oblivious to their fate. The economy is going to suffer an economic blow that is going to leave it a cripple, begging for bread. The people are going to be in great distress, as they see their dreams and hopes for this life come crashing down in the great implosion of this economy.

Father Yah, in many of these dreams you've given me, you've spoken in parables, so those seeing would believe and those who's heart is tested and bent on unbelief, would be manifest in due time. Oh Lord, soon, the people are going to mourn the death of the economic husband and be in great pain. I pray I would be there to comfort and provide for your people when their dreams, pursuits and hopes tied to this economy, suffers a great and sudden death. Lord, bless them with these words, so they see, you knew of their vain pursuits and oblivious fate, yet still love them with an everlasting love, even though they have sinned by rejecting your prophets and watchmen, not yielding to your word to prepare us and pursuing their own will and not yours. Yet, your grace still abounds.
Sufferings are coming and I pray you would use me to alleviate the pain. I pray you would prepare your people to be remarried, to a much simpler lifestyle and to become refocused on that which is needed to be done in all preparations for her preservation. Amen

In Christ, Weather

The Sentimental Buried Treasure

On 8-10-14, I drempt I was at an abandoned place. It seemed to be an old factory or an old levy of some sort. It was deserted and I began to look around and into the place to see if I could find anything of value. I saw a wooden wall underneath a small overpass and proceeded to slide out a piece of wood and behind it, I found a key stashed on the right, the head of which, most of, was missing. On the left I saw stashed in the cubby hole several items. I unwrapped the first items which were what looked like two desk paper weights made of gold. They weighed around 20 ounces of gold each. They had inscribed on them "Mom and Dad" as though someone had kept them as sentimental items. There were other items stashed. I then started to pocket the two gold paper weights.

That is when I awoke out of the dream and began to, with the Lord, contemplate what I had just saw. I tried to justify as well as convict myself that this was someone's personal items and I should just leave them there and it was wrong for me to take their items, but also that if the person who stashed the items there was dead, I should take the items, but leave a note for them to contact me. Then I reasoned that if these were sentimental items, the "Mom and Dad", from Heaven, would tell the son or daughter to forget about "sentiment.". Cash the gold in so you don't starve. An even greater sin is that these items were stashed as buried treasure and it would be even a greater sin to watch others starve, when you had the power to do good. This was the end conclusion of this buried treasure that someone else had stored away, for Jesus emphasized this very strongly in scripture, that buried treasure is sin!

It is one thing to have something inexpensive of sentimental value, but another all together when it is something buried of great value, like a paper weight made of gold! This great sin of costly "sentimental things", is a very entrenched deception in the American materialism psyche. Buried treasure in the name of "sentiment" is great potential to alleviate the suffering of others and to free one up economically to serve God in a much more effective way, but instead, many Christians are caught up in burying "sentimental" items of great value that are all going to burn from existence in one day. And that day for America is coming soon! That day is also coming for the catholic cult mother of harlots church, for she could sell her vain buried artifacts for billions, but chooses to horde her buried treasure, which is a huge testimony against her. Don't be fooled by her swelling lip service in Jesus' name, for the Pope and the Papacy is not a doer of the word. Their actions prove it!

Father Yah, I pray you would convict your people strong to stop burying treasure here on earth, but to take all things and subject them to the obedience of your word, to use for the gospel and works of love in your holy name. I see big name preachers with fancy offices and other expensive showboating of the flesh and materialism and they have yet to be fully obedient to you, even though men think highly of them. Father Yah, judgment is supposed to start with the church and I fear that if we don't start to see this soon, these big names in Christiandom are going to stand in great shame before your throne, when others, who've had so little to work with, but have done so much more, will put them to shame by their example of what it means to be a living sacrifice, which is but our reasonable duty.
Father Yah, transfer the wasted wealth out of their hands and put into the hands of those who would be faithful stewards, to care for your people, spread your word and help the orphans and widows. Let all riches, buried treasure and sentimental expensive things be subject to your purposes. Amen

In Christ, Weather

The US Threat
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On 9-14-14, I drempt I was in a foreign country. It seemed to be in the Caribbean. While there we had to keep  low key that we were Americans, not because of the nationals there, but because of the Americans. Everyone had feared that the Americans were gonna invade their island nation. The island nation had alot of oil and were not selling it in US dollars, but in their own currency.

We knew to keep our US dollars and silver and not to spend them, but to spend the island nation's currency because of the US threat. In this dream I was inside a small Caribbean type building with a straw roof. As I and a friend made plans to go into town, I was going into my secret hiding place to get some currency and in came a ranking community official of this Island Nation who saw my two secret hiding places, but I did not fear and trusted him. He informed us that there was a curfew of high US threat and not to go into town between 2pm and 6pm, so we reversed out plans to go.

Then the dream switched and I was at a very large naturally made stadium surrounded by desert. The entire stadium was made of rock and all the seats of the stadium were made of rock. It was what looked like twice the size of a football stadium. There were thousands of seats made of rock, of desert red, desert yellow, orange and brown, all desert colors. I went inside of the stadium to see what it was like and inside this stadium were many scattered people doing drugs, partying and living for themselves.

Then I was looking around inside the stadium when we came across a group of dead heads who were partying. I was boasting like a fool of doing the whole dead tour and how everything was like the start of the tour and it would never end. Then a cop was there and we sobered up and acted cool and then I suddenly became changed and really sober and then the cop asked me a question, if I were from visiting another country, but my friend cued me in, shaking his head to tell me to tell the officer "no", to lie to him or we would be arrested and questioned about being in another country, As soon as I said "no", in a flash, he was gone, and were marveled that he had left so quickly.


This dream is about the western oil/banking cartel that is run and centralized in the US, and it, being under threat and how the US is persecuting nations who do not use the US dollar for oil. "Democracy" as the media calls it, is quite the illusion put out by the US, since the petro dollar system is really a dictatorship to whatever nation can be subversively threatened if not submitted to it. This is the real world in which we live. It is however, defended for the sake of economic stability in ways. The US currency, backed by oil globally, has been under threat these last 15 years and thus, the rise of a greater US police state both domestically and internationally. Those who truly know what's going on behind the scenes can attest to this in quite abundance, since knowledge has been increased.

Any nation who decides to back their currency with oil, will be as an island, and under threat from the powers that be, to defend their currency/oil system.

The stadium made of rock is the US. Outwardly she appears strong as a rock, but inward, she is falling apart and her people living for pleasure, precede her police state. The seats, all of desert colors, is a two fold metaphor - Seated in the US, will become dry as a desert when the economy collapses and we should desert being seated with her, at the right time. The seats made of rock represent the hard times that are coming. It's going to get very hard and uncomfortable being seated in the US, when the economy collapses.

In this dream, in a quick nut shell, was my transformation from living for pleasure to Christ, sobering up and being made aware spiritually and politically of what was really going on.

We were under threat of being arrested more for association with another country than for the drugs that were from the others partying around us, thus, why the cop, representing the authorities, was questioning us about being in another country instead of having drugs. It was metaphorical of how government is moving towards tyranny, due to the threats to its currency/petro dollar system. The officer leaving so quickly after we denied association with another country (who they considered an enemy) shows how fervently worried they are to go onto persecuting those against the petro dollar system, which in a way, is now spilling over domestically to persecuting its own. Thus, the US threat from out and from within.

This is also a prophetic picture of the progression leading to a US civil war which will help our enemies greatly, in defeating us.

Father Yah, thank you for these deep insightful dreams. I treat every one of them as a treasure of knowledge in helping us to discern the time in which we live. Lord, awaken those Christian brethren who are sucked into the matrix of the mass media lies, which are diverting them from seeing the bigger picture in prophecy and thus, keeping them from being prepared for what's to come to this nation.

Father, correct the watchmen who are conjuring and leading the people down so many rabbit trails of not really hearing you in prophecy. Their effect is stirring vigilantism which is a diversion for working towards correct preparations and is propelling greater civil conflict and violence.

Lord, deliver your people from the deep seeded lies of Satan and his power of the air waves. Help them to see, this nation is a bomb shell waiting to explode and not to put their heart into this, for it is no longer the Republic for which we once stood, but merely a corporate cartel bent of greed, int'l slave labor and full of the blood of other nations, for she harbors the rich of revelation 18 who will in one day, weep and howl over this economic whore, when she burns in judgment.

Father Yah, prepare us in right timing, to flee this land of destruction and for those who cannot, to be able to hunker down with provision from you to make it thru what's to come. Help your people to believe the true word of prophecy over this nation and correct I pray, the watchmen of diverse doctrines and the false prophecy which is leading your people astray in not preparing. Lord I pray, take down the rabbit trails of diversion and help your people to focus! In Jesus' mighty name, Amen

In Christ, Weather

Notes: In this dream, holding onto US Dollars sounds unwise to some, but when the economy crashes, commodities will go down and the dollar will give more bang for the buck temporarily, and for debt payments. I find it peculiar that the Lord says to hang onto silver in this dream due to commodities taking a hit. I can only think that soon after the crash, the dollar may loose its reserve currency status some or be downgraded in some way thru some hyper inflation measures the government will take. Due to WW3 coming not long after this next crash, silver could buy food, but gold would be a bad barter item, so silver would be the currency of choice in a dollar collapse. This may be why the Lord expressed holding onto us dollars and silver in this dream,

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On 10-9 or 10-10-14, around midnight, I drempt of a person who's name was Adam John, who represented the US economy, who was born in 1966. Then the dream switched and I was with a bunch of friends, and I was a coordinator with them to prepare a bug out location for when everything begins to fall apart. There were about 20 of us in this group and we were coordinating a practice camping trip to our bug out location. We were all to prepare an emergency kit to take with us. Our bug out location was a hidden cave and we kept it a secret from any public person. We were chatting with friends and our conversation was that we were not on a "practice trip to our bug out location." We were merely on a "camping trip with friends", in case anyone inquired of us, so to keep it all a secret, because we knew that when it started to fall apart, towns and cities were not going to be safe and supplies were going to be limited.

Interpretation & Holy Spirit Counsel

This dream was short and to the point. Before going to sleep, I had just discovered an new revelation to the Shemitahs, that in 1966, on the day of Simchat Torah, the day after the Leviticus feast of Shmini Atzeret (The Last Great Day), on October 7th, was the market bottom of 1966 and the beginning of a new market cycle. Simchat Torah means "the beginning of a new cycle". This was that symbolic birth of Adam John, the 7 cycles of 7 countdown I recently discovered, Adam being the first man from Genesis and John being from the book of Revelation, God confirming to me what he lead me into researching to find the start of that 7 cycles of 7 in the Shemitah revelations. Adam born in 1966, the start, and 1915, to be the end of the 7 cycles of 7, and the beginning of the end of the US empire, 7 being the number of completion and severing (see the 7 cycles of 7 link here for more understanding)

Then the dream switched to the more obvious emergency preparedness with friends. Once the economy collapses, it will lead into revolution, riots, violence and destructions with a police state, then into WW3.

This message is for urban friends. They need to ban together to find and prepare a bug out location, do some camping trips to prepare and practice their coordination of escape. Everyone should have an emergency kit they can take with them. In this dream I saw back packs. Get a big enough back pack you can carry with supplies, big enough, but not too big. You want lots of survival type supplies and off the grid living items, enough to be a good weight, but not too much that you can't carry. Coordinate with friends on who's supplying what, so your camp does not have lack of something needed to survive (see our WW3 item list here)

I discern this dream is focused on the 20-30 somethings group in urban areas, who are presently not prepared to face what's to come. This is God's plan for them, to ban together and help each other survive. God really cares and he's trying to stir some people with this dream to be prepared, but the words of warning are often falling on ears of doubt and unbelief, so then, people do not prepare with their friends.

The Adam John part of this dream is to help over come that unbelief. With the new Shemitah revelations, ever since 1966, we've had economic chaos every 7 years, a whole 6 cycles of 7 years (42 years) to prove it to us. With this new knowledge of the 1966 Shemitah as the start of the 7 cycles of 7, it should help to see, the pattern is stunningly stubborn and anyone so in unbelief is in denial of the facts. To think an exception is coming in 2015 is a terrible gamble. Of course, I don't rely on signs in what appears of the natural alone because God has confirmed to me in multiple ways this year of 2015 trouble coming years before learning of the Shemitahs, but this Shemitah cycle is a God made time line in the natural for us to see, we must get ready! This will not be just another crash. The US is 18 trillion in debt. This is going to lead to an implosion.

If you're in a factory making cars with every car painted white, but every 7th car comes off the production line painted red, you don't just throw the car away. You take serious note of the pattern and take inventory because you know, the vehicle, the economy, is going to turn red. You also know that when enough cars are made (7x7, the number of completion and fulness), you're job is going to be eliminated because there are only so many cars that can be made and sold. So too, the end of this ponzi economy of quadrillions of derivatives, bonds, t-bills and other paper assets are going to be sold off for resource (food and supplies) when the panic ensues and it all crashes in violence. God wants you to be prepared.

You URBAN friends are in danger and unprepared for what is coming. You are not even paying attention and seeing the need and that day is soon going to begin to creep up on you unawares. You will listen to your pastors and TV talking heads tell you to remain calm, but this does not prepare you. God uses fear to prepare us. God did this with Noah and Joseph. As the scripture states, Noah moved with fear to prepare the ark (Hebrews 11:7). Joseph was warned in dreams and prepared grain supply to make it thru the famine (their economic collapse).

Get together with your friends and family! HAVE A PLAN! This is Gods will for you. Simple as that!

Father Yah, prepare your people in a practical way. Get their heads out of the clouds where they think you're at. In this day, you're down here on earth trying to prepare them, but are they listening. Oh God! Only those with faith can be moved. Their faith is misdirected to think their urban life is cool and hip and happening, but they know not it's all gonna get crazy and end in violence and lack. Father God, without the word, how will they believe so they can prepare. The Pastors are not allowing your prophets and watchmen to speak these things inside the church. They are are holding back to preserve their ministry as usual. Oh God! It's all coming to a terrible end. What can I say? They won't let me share the many signs, wonders dreams and visions you're backing this with. Why do they claim to believe, but reject? Is is because they are selective in their hearing. Are their ears itching in their comfortable lives of urban fluff??? Oh God! How can you awaken them who close their ears? How can they ever even have faith directed of you when they reject your prophetic word and those who carry it?

On 10-16-14, I drempt I was in a big city looking for a friend who I knew I could count on to get a much needed shower from. I was in a ghetto part of the city and was with a bit of fright, around a group of gangster kids who were rough looking. I then found my way thru a mall type area looking for my friend. My friend and his family were traveling in ministry in his big converted school bus and the location of where he was at was camped outside of a nice neighborhood, at a Christian lady's house he was visiting in suburbia.

When I got to the Christian lady's house, his bus was not there, so I proceeded to the Christian's lady's house to inquire of the whereabouts of my friend. I was greeted at the house and let inside with others there in a small happy meal gathering. I then was in conversation with the Christian lady, who was about 60 years old. It was a pleasant conversation about not knowing where my friend was, but then I said ,"I'm sorry to cut to the chase, but I was going to ask Joshua to use his RV shower. May I use your shower?"

The Christian lady said I could not use her shower because it was for her husband. I then left the house in a fit of hidden rage. I was so angry in this dream, that I found myself loosing my self control and was fuming with some bad words under my lips because this lady called herself a christian, but refused the simplest request for a need I had.

Then the scene switched and I found a convertible sports car that was mine parked on a side street. It was what looked like a Firebird. It was dark blue and had the emblem of a hawk or eagle outlined in silver/grey color with spread wings on the hood of the car. The battery was dead and I had just brought the car back to life and started it up. Right then, a 20 somethings guy with 2 young kids and no wife, carrying several grocery bags asked if I could give him a ride. The guy told me that the car I'm driving was formerly his, but somehow, he had lost it.

Because of my recent fuming anger, I reluctantly said I'de help him. So they hopped in the car. Right then, lots of trash had become part of the car, with empty soda cans and fast food wrappers and such. Right as we were to back the car out, right ahead of us, was a car on jacks, about 8 feet in the air. I had to be careful not to allow the car to roll much ahead to avoid hitting the jacks and the car falling on us. At the same time, one of the young kids was all over me in the driver's seat, so I grabbed him and put him in the back seat. So we took off and rode to a stop he had to make. On this stop, I detected he had to pay someone some money. It didn't feel right. At the stop, he met with what was a mobster lady to make a pay off. Then the dream ended.


The first part of this dream is a rebuke from the Lord Jesus to all those suburbia Christians out there who go to church, but do not help people with their substance. There are millions of such weak and undedicated Christians in The US who have an appearance of joy and morality, but are not like Christ with their life style. They are the lukewarm people who fill many churches and will give God thanks, but not with their substance, their expensive homes, their nice new cars and care more for their outward attire than that a poor saint is in need. They will help people thru their church, but when it comes to helping people with their own personal substance, they isolate and retreat.

The woman being around 60 years old is how the Lord sees that part of his church, old and isolated and not flexible to be used of him, like a fearful old lady.

In another sense, the woman and the house represents that part of the church who will not use her substance to minister to real needs of poor saints. The shower was there for her husband, the husband representing Christ in the dream (the bride, us, and the groom Christ). Most churches across America are like this. They reserve a building for God and the parts of it most needed to help people with their physical lack are off limits, even to his visiting saints.

Offer up your body a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, which is your reasonable service (Romans 12)

The car that went dead is a calling I have, a vehicle to take the gospel, but God was baring witness to use this vehicle to help people in need, but not to get entangled, to discern the difference between helping people, but not to get entangled much in their affairs. It is one thing to help a visiting saint, such as should have happened with the suburbia Christian woman rejecting me using her shower. It's another thing all together to get entangled in someone's life thru helping them. This was pictured in when I was helping the father and his kids. The vehicle (of my calling) became trashed out as soon as they entered the vehicle. Help people, but be careful not to get entangled, and always help the saints who are but visiting and in need, who are not looking to entangle, but to serve.

Sometimes, a calling appears to be dead or out of energy, as the battery in this car, but it is our duty to endure such down times and to bring back to life, thru prayer and his leading (waiting upon the Lord at times), that which is our purpose in this life. The vehicle is dark blue because this qwakeup calling is prophetically sad and of the bad times coming to America. It is dark because God is only going to exalt this word to a measure. He reveals the secrets to those who seek and those who do not, are not getting rewarded to know what's to come. It is for the prophets, prophetic watchmen, watchmen and saints who seek for it.

The Hawk or Eagle on the hood of the car is God giving wings to his prophetic word, to spread the word of what's to come.

The guy I was helping; the car (calling) used to belong to him, but because of his kids, he lost that calling. It was a reminder of the Lord to me that I must not be entangled as the former owner or the jacked up car right in front of us will fall on us and ruin the hood of the vehicle of this calling.

The stop we made to make a pay off to the mobster lady was the trouble this brother got into by not answering the call of God on his life. He had the vehicle of the calling, but lost it because he couldn't control his flesh and wound up in a bad situation and being entangled in this life. My suspicion of this bad situation with the mobster woman was good. It kept me in check from going too far in getting entangled with this brother's affairs, thus, hindering the call of God on my life.

Our vehicle in life can only go so far. God has given us borders.

Oh that you would bless me and increase my borders (I Chron 4:10).

Don't try to run it out of gas by helping others and make sure the oil (the anointing) and gas (the substance) is there to go further, less you loose the vehicle, but always remember the reason you have the vehicle in the first place, to meet the needs of saints and to help people know him! Maximize the use of your vehicle. Take it to the borders! Do great good in Christ!

Hear this Holy Spirit counsel. In the bigger picture of this dream, is revealing how terribly lacking the churches are in meeting the physical needs of people with such big buildings. Soon, because of the destructions to come, there is going to be millions of new American refugees and the church is unprepared to help them and thus, reap the harvest. That will sadly be left to government FEMA camps. This is most grievous to the Lord. The churches have built without wisdom and foresight because the churches have rejected the prophets and in their place, have been lead of pastors who are not anointed prophetically. This is why the 5 fold ministry is so needed, to create the balanced voice of the Lord inside the church.

Father Yah,

Help your people to believe the prophetic word. Help your people to see, our lives are being recorded. Help us all to hear the call of your heart to help those in need. Convict us to see all resources, including homes and substance is but a tool to gain the lost and help saints because these tools will perish, but souls could be with you forever if we would be faithful with what's been given to us. Forgive us for not being focused on the harvest and reaching out to others. Forgive us for making excuses. Lord, we recognize how far we are from your heart formed in us. We have pursued money, material things, food, clothing, sports, etc, but in the midst of our dealings, we have not pursued souls! We have catered to lukewarm suburbia. Oh God, help us to be aware and convict us, that where ever we go, we carry the words of eternal life! We've carried the inactive hands and feet of Jesus. This day we commit anew to open our mouths and to speak your word of life and to stop ignoring the need of one lone soul who may need us more than we can see. Help us to see with spiritual eyes and be able to speak to the heart with your anointed words of heart. Amen

In Christ, Weather